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greg waddell from perth, wa on October 11, 2003:

you little ripper! simply australian i can't wait to get some vegemite and tim-tams to boston. go sox.

Darren Harvey from From Orange NSW but now in Cleveland on October 08, 2003:

Great to see some things from Oz its great to search some aussie things on the net when you feeling homesick. Maybe ill be getting some stuff from you guys soon. Hey can you get hold of Cricket bats and stuff like that?

Steve Ostrowski from Bolingbrook,Illinois on October 07, 2003:

What a pleasant surprise! I ordered your Tea Tree Chewing Sticks and received them in three days. They are the hit of the day. Great tasting and long lasting. All of my Chicago Cub fan friends will be clamoring for them. Thanks-G-Day

sue mckendry from spring grove, illinois on October 07, 2003:

heard about your site on wgn radio this morning and am looking for dusty baker's toothpicks

lori bahrs from oak creek Wisconsin USA on October 05, 2003:

I am doing a project for a class I am taking. I work for the school lunch program and was wondering if there are school lunch programs in Australia? I was also wondering about what are common foods there.

AUSTIN SAING from SYDNEY on September 25, 2003:


John from Adelaide, South Australia on September 25, 2003:

You drongos are a godsend! I am now permanently in Michigan and so far, I have not traced a single access point to aussie stuff. I love it here and I am real happy, but there is nothing like a little taste of home, especially if it's vegemite! My first order will be very soon. Sorry to hear about Slim Dusty....the Old Bastard (I believe he was a memeber of the 'Australasian Society of Old Bastards')will be missed.

Allan Horn from Brisbane on September 06, 2003:

I just got back from spending a week with mum in Brisbane and it was great to be able to start ordering my favourites again from Simply Australian.

Daniel Stephen from Townsville, Queensland (In the Northern Territory) on September 05, 2003:

I miss my AussieLand very much and hope to come back and visit it again some day!!

Kelly from Sydney on September 04, 2003:

I have now lived here in Los Angeles for 5 years. I do love it here but, do miss family, friends, Sydney and Aussie foods and such. I have good old Mum to sent me care packages every so often. How I love and miss my Mum and Dad, too!! Oh, how I love Simply Australian. I placed my 1st order a month or so ago. It was so nice to order stuff and save my mum some money. There were a couple of things that the website did not have. They were cup a soups and 2 minute noodles. So, I e-mailed you my requests and you finally e-mailed me back and told me that those items were now available on line. I just placed an order for those. Thank you

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