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Tony Chamberlain from Winchester, VA, USA (Originally Sydney, Australia) on May 30, 2003:

Awesome site. We've been here since July 2001 and really miss
Tim Tams and Milo.

Danielle from Edmonton, Alberta on May 29, 2003:

Thanks to the crew of Simply Oz I will get my Tim Tams in time..Thanks Jan for the extra help..
I've bookmarked the site already.
Take care

Vered Perez from Toronto on May 28, 2003:

Where can I find your Driza-bone coats in Toronto?

josh dedman from newcastle on May 23, 2003:

g'day everyone this is a good site i am living in california at the moment cause i married a us citizen and we are staying here for a while then we will go back if there is any other aussies up here drop me a line

Faye from Dromana, Vic on May 19, 2003:

I just love this website. I have ordered from another site and they were slow with the shipping and I piad more. I have found that other sites have some foods that simply Oz doesn't, like meat pies, but the cost is just to high. I will be staying with simply Oz.

Andrew Nelson from aussie expatriate residing in kentucky on May 17, 2003:

would love to make contact with other aussies in the U.S

Christin from Germany on May 16, 2003:

Kat from Ariz. on May 10, 2003:

Lee from Adelaide, South Australia on May 09, 2003:

I can't give simply Oz enough credit for what they supply us expats here in the USA. Although we would all like more, I believe many of us are just satisfied with what we can get. My children thought it was Christmas the first parcel we opened from Simply Oz, and the excitement still continues 18 mths on with each order. The neighborhood American children are all now addicted to freddo's, milo,white chocolate and Chicken chips!!!!The kids at school love it when it is my children's turn to bring in snack for the class, because they all know it is going to be Aussie tucker!!!!!!!
Thanks Simply Oz for making our life more enjoyable, by the tucker we get to eat & share with our fello American's.

Sal from LA on May 08, 2003:

You have a wonderful yet affordable selection of foods. Maybe you can start importing stuff like a chiko roll and meatpies, sausage rolls and sell them online.. just a suggestion

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