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bel from Newcastle on February 16, 2003:

I can't believe how well we are looked after over here. My vegemite had run out and i was ready to try anything

Bob from USA on February 12, 2003:

Hi, good site. I am happy.

Dissappointed on February 11, 2003:

Your prices are very high and to add to that, your shipping rates are unbelievable. I do not think i am going to advertise this site to any of my friends.

Ange & Graeme Weston from Seattle (originally Melbournians) on February 09, 2003:

very excited to have found this site - have not even had a look yet though - maybe my family will not have to stash as much food in their luggage now!

jamie hevron from Perth, East Freo on February 04, 2003:

The only thing missing from your shop is some grog!!! Oh for some Crown,Redbacks,Swan or Emu Export, must call home to get supplies Cheers!!

David Hansen from Perth (Gozzy) West Australia on February 03, 2003:

I found out about the store very recently through another web site and was very exited to learn of the stores existence.Its means alot to not only have the ability to now get alot of little things I missed from the home land,but to also learn that the owners are from my home state. I was glad to have met you both.Its a great store.

Leesa Frey from Washington State (mittagong NSW) on January 31, 2003:

Thanks for the super fast shipping and great products. Been here since 1999 and still need my weet-bix and vegemite for breaky
hey Broni, if your reading this yes they do know cricket a select few at least, a girl at work was talking about her team and how they love cricket.

Broni from Washington State (Perth, WA) on January 27, 2003:

Only been here 2 months - already dying for some decent Cadbury's choccy and cereal that isn't 100% sugar!
**To Peter in NYC - does anyone here even know what cricket is?!!

Nicole Thurgate from sydney on January 27, 2003:

Been living here for 3 years (new orleans) but would sell my right arm for a decent pastie and some tomato sauce (not to mention bread that isn't too sweet) but will make do with burger rings and tim tams!!

Sean Spence from Detroit, MI (Wollongong, NSW) on January 27, 2003:

Ive been living in the states now for just over a year. I moved here to get maried. I Love my wife but i miss the food from home and my friends. I love the SimplyOZ website... because of it my fridge is always stocked with tim tams, Cadbury chocolate & ETA bbq sauce . All i need now is to know if there are any more Australians in the Detroit/ Michigan area that would like to have a BBQ! Anyone out there?

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