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Belinda Bailey from Fort Pierce, Florida on March 22, 2003:

Since I've been in Florida, naturally I've missed lots of the old familiar foods from Oz! Thank you Simply Australian for delivering my order to me. I love letting my husband try the delicious goodies and he too is now hooked on Tim Tams. We loved the peeler too.

Thanks again,

mugu from mm on March 20, 2003:


victor mugu on March 17, 2003:

keep offfffffffffffffff

John Johnson from Perth on March 16, 2003:

Well done, Bruce - a great site. Good luck!

John James from Washington on March 14, 2003:

Good job

Carole The faiey Penguin from France on March 10, 2003:

G'day! I luv Oz! This web site is wicked!
good on ya!
Cheers Carole

Julie from Australia on March 04, 2003:

my husband found this site, he lives in Alaska (and is from Texas originally) and I am moving there in a few months (to Alaska) and I must say I love Alaska and Anchorage, we had looking in supermarkets for Aussie will be using your site to order things in the future
.anyway bye for now and thanks so much

james from sydney on March 04, 2003:

anyone who needs transformers, convertors or adaptors to get their aussie appliances running in the states look no further than voltage valet ( extremely knowledgable & helpful staff. cheaper than radioshack as well.

nicole from victoria on March 04, 2003:

im from victoria,and im living in croatia.I hope to go home soon,how to cure a homesick aussie? You cant even buy vegemite here,havent ate any in yonks...wish to hear from someone...

bubulle1er from france on March 01, 2003:

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