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Adam Grisib from Morgantown, WV (ex Adelaide) on August 01, 2003:

I've been here 17 years. Found your site about 3 years ago and love it. The products, the prices, the wonderful service...none can compare with SimplyOz.

..........but I'm still searching for Dim Sims and Chico Rolls.
Keep growing and much success,

Adam from Sandy, Utah on July 29, 2003:

I was in Melbourne for two years, and I had a friend from there ship me all kinds of Australian products, but it was so expensive. Stores in Utah have some products, but not the good stuff. I cannot live without Tim Tams, I got my wife hooked on them as well, and now we will definately be regular customers.
Thank you so much,
Adam And Brooke

Tony & Amanda from Melbourne, Aus on July 17, 2003:

We moved from LA to Seattle to save on Shipping.
SimplyOz is simply the Best online Aussie food marketer!
btw and are still available!

Jenny from Alaska (ex Perth) on July 15, 2003:

My orders arrive to me very fast and I am pleased with the prices and the customer service I get from the team at Simply Oz. I'll be passing on your website to all my fellow Aussies here in Alaska !
Keep up the good work !!!

Donna Smallwood from Gold Coast Australia on July 14, 2003:

Love this site....Got the tims just need the seeded mustard and I'm all set...Originally from Gold Coast QLD, now living in Hawaii and am amazed they don't have cordial here! Love the US though!

johnson mark from zimbabwe on July 08, 2003:

thanks for an opportunitiy like this you have given me to enter your site.

Tim VanSwol from Illinois, USA on June 23, 2003:

Do you carry any Australian meat pies? I would love to get my hands on some.

Brianne McCoy from caledonia new york on June 22, 2003:

i wanna vist Aulstrailia and try foods

The Rovella's from Sydney....Austarlia on June 16, 2003:

YOU ARE THE BEST.....Thankyou for bring good old Aussie food to the U.S.
Thankyou!! Thankyou!!
The Rovella's

charliesangle from UnitedStates on June 16, 2003:

I find Australia to be very interesting and the people are also that i have chated with.Most have been very honest to my knowledge anyways.

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