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Australian Candy & Food in the USA!

Australian Candy & Food in the USA!

G'Day, Mate. Welcome to Simply Oz, your top online source in the US to buy Australian food & candy online, plus other bonzer Aussie products.

We carry famous Australian candy and food like Vegemite, Tim Tam, Cherry Ripe and Violet Crumble. Browse our extensive inventory to discover great Australian snacks. You'll find name-brand taste sensations like Darrell Lea licorice, Arnott's Shapes savory flat biscuits (that's Aussie for "crackers"), Smith's Potato Crisps, and much more.

Simply Oz is proud to be "America's Australian Grocer." We import the most popular Australian candy, food and cooking supplies. Whatever you crave from "Down Under" but can't find at your local super markets, you'll find right here. From a favorite Australian food that brings back memories of your travels, to all the new favorites you'll discover, our inventory brings the best of Australia right to your home.

If what you're looking for is out of stock, no worries, Mate! Just register as a visitor and click the Notify Me button for the product of your choice. We'll send you an email as soon as it's back in stock. It's that easy. We continually update our inventory online to make sure you always have access to the finest Australian products.

Tell a friend about Simply Oz. If you have friends who want to buy authentic Australian candy & food online, send them the link to Simply Oz. Let them know that Simply Oz is the place to find popular Australian candy, foods, clothing, household products, boots and accessories in the USA. They'll thank you for it. Now put the Billy on and please pass the Tim Tams. Cheers, mate!

Tim Tams / SHAPES / Vita-Weat / SAO

Tim Tams

Chocolate Biscuits

Arnott's Fancy Biscuits

Plain Biscuits


VEGEMITE / MILO / Weet-Bix / Madura / Pavlova

VEGEMITE / Promite

Breakfast Cereals



MILO, Ginger Beer & Cordials

Hot Beverages


Quick Meals


Cooking Supplies

Cherry Ripe / Violet Crumble / Flake / Chomp

Chocolate Bars

Lollie Bags

Natural Confectionery Lollies


Chocolate Bags

Chocolate Blocks

Chocolate Bars


Crumpets / Foster Clarks / White Wings

White Wings Vanilla Custard Powder - Gluten Free

Duffy's Crumpets

Foster Clark's Custard Powder

Greens Sponge Pudding Mix

Twisties / Burger Rings / Cheezels


Smiths Potato Crisps | Chips


Burger Rings

Gravox / Pecks / McKenzies / 333's / Colmans

Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup

333's Three Threes Sweet Mustard Pickles

Duffy's Crumpets


McKenzie's fine desiccated Coconut