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Now available ONLY at Aussie Food Express. Click the blue link:
  • Cheezels at
    • The famous cheesy, ring-shaped snack with the finger-sized hole is sure to put a smile on everyones face. Baked to crispy, crunchy perfection and smothered with deliciously cheesy flavour, pop them on your fingers and eat them one-by-one for some Finger-licious Fun!

Bags (Size 90g) — Go To US $0.00

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Cheezels Reviews

Jan from Queensland Australia on January 09, 2010:
Wonderful service!!! My son and his family live in USA, and this is a great way to send a "Taste of home" to them!
tracy from colorado on December 10, 2009:
love this site...great products and fast shipping!
on August 06, 2009:
Red Rock Deli Lime & Black Pepper chips are the best!! So glad you guys got some in!! Can't wait for you guys to get more...yummy!
Brent from Minnesota on July 22, 2009:
Hands down, best chips I've ever tasted are the Red Rock Deli - Honey Soy Chicken flavor. I have terrific memories of living in AUS. My taste buds have an even greater remembrance of the Honey Soy Chicken experience. I really hope that you're able to get some in stock at one point. I love the website and I'll keep on checkin!