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Secure Connection Australian Flags / Gifts / Souvenirs

Australian Flags / Gifts / Souvenirs

Here's where you'll find a great selection of Australian Flags, Decals, Keyrings, Pins and more!

The Australian National Flag is Australia's primary national symbol. It has become a representation of Australian identity and pride since 1901 when the colonies of Australia federated to become a single Commonwealth.

The Australian National Flag has a blue background and three elements: the Southern Cross, the Commonwealth Star and the Union Jack.

The Southern Cross is a representation of Australia's geographical position as this group of five stars can only be seen from the southern hemisphere.

The Union Jack acknowledges the history of Australia as the British settlement, demonstrating loyalty to the British Empire.

The Commonwealth Star is positioned under the Union Jack and has seven points signifying the unity of the six original states of the Commonwealth of Australia:

* New South Wales, NSW * Victoria, VIC * Queensland, QLD * Tasmania, TAS * South Australia, SA * Western Australia, WA *

The seventh point of the Commonwealth Star was introduced in 1908 to represent the Territory of Papua and any future states and territories.

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56 products in this category.
Australian Tea Towels Australian Tea Towels

100% cotton

US $14.97 - More...
Aussie Flag Apron Aussie Flag Apron

Show your Aussie Pride by wearing this 100% Cotton Aussie Flag Apron in the kitchen or at your next cookout.

US $19.97 - More...
Stubbie (Koozie) Drink Holder Stubbie (Koozie) Drink Holder

Great Drink holder for your Bundaberg Drinks!

US $8.97 - More...
CoCo Coir Door Mat - Twin Koalas CoCo Coir Door Mat - Twin Koalas

Greet visitors with a pair of Koalas. One-inch thick long-lasting and durable coir is a great way to wipe off dirty feet before entering, too.

US $32.97 15.97 (Sale - Clearance Sale!) - More...
Cane Toad Key-chain Cane Toad Key-chain

The Cane Toad was introduced into Gordonvale Queensland 22kms south of Cairns in 1935 from Hawaii to combat the sugar cane beetle, which was destroying the crops of the sugar cane industry. It has...

US $19.95 - More...
Australian Flag Shot Glass Australian Flag Shot Glass

Australian Flag Shot Glass

US $4.97 - More...
Australian Flag Ruler Set Australian Flag Ruler Set

Flag Ruler, Flag Pencil, Flag Sharpener, Flag Eraser

US $9.97 - More...
Australian Flag Playing Cards Australian Flag Playing Cards

US $8.97 - More...
Australian Flag Lapel Pin Australian Flag Lapel Pin

These international friendship lapel pins celebrate friendship between the USA and Australia.

US $4.97 - Friendship Flags (US & AUSSIE FLAG) Lapel Pin
US $4.97 2.97 (Sale - Overstock Sale!) - Australian Flag (SINGLE Flag) Pin
- More...
Australian Flag Child Girl's T-Shirt Australian Flag Child Girl's T-Shirt

US $16.97 6.97 (Sale - Clearance Sale!) - More...
Australian Flag Australian Flag

Australian Flag

US $14.97 - Medium Flag (23" x 53") (68cm x 136cm)
US $17.97 - Large Flag (36" x 60") (90cm x 1.50cm)
US $22.97 - Extra Large Flag (36" x 70") (90cm x 180cm)
US $9.97 - Small Flag (21" x 42") (54cm x 108cm)
- More...
Australia License Plate Australia License Plate

Australia License Plate, Perfect for the front of your car or truck, our decorative license plates are 5" x 14" and made from embossed aluminum.

US $14.97 - More...
Australia Flag Bumper Sticker - 2-Pack Australia Flag Bumper Sticker - 2-Pack

Show your heritage with these large 3" x 8"bumper stickers.

US $3.97 - More...
Aussie Slang Items Aussie Slang Items

How's Ya Chooks? Hard Yakka! Whatever Trevor! Plus many more. Towel measures 30" x 60".

US $25.97 - Aussie Slang Beach Towel
US $8.97 - Aussie Slang Stubbie (Koozie)
- More...
Aussie Patches Aussie Patches

Great for putting on your backpack, or shirts / jackets.

US $4.97 - More...
Aussie Lapel Pins Aussie Lapel Pins

Pins for you Hat and clothing

US $4.97 (select styles)
US $4.97 1.97 (Sale - Overstock Sale!) - Map Over Boomerang Pin
- More...
Aussie Flag Umbrella Aussie Flag Umbrella

Folds into a compact carry pouch just 10" long.

US $22.97 - More...
Aussie Flag Stickers Aussie Flag Stickers

Flag stickers mix sizes

US $2.97 - More...
Aussie Flag Shopping Bag Aussie Flag Shopping Bag

Designed in Australia. Measures 18" x 14". Rugged weave with zip closure.

US $19.97 - More...
Aussie Flag Pencils Aussie Flag Pencils

Set of 6 Australian flag pencils. Great for the little Aussie going to school or makes a great gift for a child.

US $7.57 - More...
Aussie Flag Pen Aussie Flag Pen

Aussie Flag Pen

US $3.97 - More...
Aussie Flag Paper Plates Aussie Flag Paper Plates

Six (6) Australian Flag Design Paper Plates that measure 9 1/4 across (23cm). Great for an Australia Day party. Be sure to check out our Aussie Flag Napkins, tablecloths and cocktail sticks.

US $4.97 - More...
Aussie Flag Hair Bow Aussie Flag Hair Bow

Aussie Flag Hair Bow

US $5.97 - More...
Aussie Flag Coffee Mug Aussie Flag Coffee Mug

Aussie Flag Coffee Mug for your office or home!

US $15.97 - More...
Aussie Flag Bottle Opener and Key Chain Aussie Flag Bottle Opener and Key Chain

Bottle Opener and Key Chain

US $10.97 - More...
Aussie Flag Beach Towel Aussie Flag Beach Towel

Australia Towel

US $25.97 - More...
Didgeridoo Bamboo Souvenir Didgeridoo Bamboo Souvenir

Handmade bamboo. Decorated by Aboriginal craftsmen. Colors will vary.

US $24.97 - Bamboo Didgeridoo (16 inches)
US $34.97 - Bamboo Didgeridoo (28 Inches)
US $49.97 39.97 (Sale - Overstock Sale!) - Bamboo Didgeridoo (40 inches)
- More...
Aussie Flag Aussie Flag "Temporary" Tattoos

8 Tattoos per pack. Easy to apply, easy to remove, safe and non-toxic, waterproof, lasts for days. 1. Skin must be clean and dry. 2. Cut out the design of your choice and remove the...

US $4.97 - More...
Dream Essence Sleep Mask Dream Essence Sleep Mask "Outback "

By Dream Essentials

US $24.95 - More...
Fly Art Apron / Ironing Board Cover Fly Art Apron / Ironing Board Cover

With this apron on, the chef can't say, "There are no flies on me."   Apron is approximately 30.5 inches long x 26.5 inches wide (excluding the ties).

US $19.97 - More...
Stay-Cool Body Cooling Neck Wrap (Cobber) Stay-Cool Body Cooling Neck Wrap (Cobber)

The Cobber Body Cooling neck Wrap is an original authentic Australian design that has been successfully sold over the past six years to aid against heat discomfort.

US $11.97 - Black (Solid)
US $11.97 6.97 (Sale - $5.00 OFF - Cobber Closeout!) - Tan Plaid
- More...
Small 1 1/4 Small 1 1/4" Frillneck Lizard Pewter

Frillneck Lizard Pewter

US $11.97 5.97 (Sale - Clearance Sale!) - More...
Silver Charm Silver Charm

US $6.97 0.97 (Sale - Clearance Sale!) - Kookabura
US $6.97 3.97 (Sale - Clearance Sale!) - Syd Harbour Bridge, Syd Opera House, Kangaroo, Platypus
- More...
Shell Jewelry Shell Jewelry

US $19.97 7.97 (Sale - Jewerly Sale!) - More...
Roo Mirror Magnet Roo Mirror Magnet

Roo Mirror Magnet

US $5.97 - Koala Mirror Magnet
US $5.97 3.97 (Sale - Clearance Sale!) - Kangaroo Mirror Magnet
- More...
Roadsign Pen Roadsign Pen

4" Pen with Australian Roadsigns

US $3.97 - More...
Roadsign Car Sticker Roadsign Car Sticker

US $1.97 - More...
Road Sign Pins Road Sign Pins

Yellow crossroad sign with Koala, Kangaroo or crocodile

US $1.95 - More...
Richard Galbraith Art Coasters Richard Galbraith Art Coasters

These "Australian Art Coasters" by Jason Products LTD in New Zealand feature "Bushland" art by Richard Galbraith. Each features different Australian animal artwork and the 6 different art...

US $19.97 - More...
Opal Australia Pendant Opal Australia Pendant

These lovely opal necklaces are AUSTRALIAN MADE. Sliced Opal Hand Layed, 24ct Gold Plate, Silver Plate Quanties Limited

N/A - More...
NZ Magnet Thermometer NZ Magnet Thermometer

US $5.97 - NZ Black and White Fern
US $5.97 3.97 (Sale - Clearance Sale!) - Colorful NZ Birds
- More...
Figurines Figurines

Figurines are 2" tall.

US $4.97 - More...
New Zealand Shot Glass New Zealand Shot Glass

US $3.97 - More...
Metric Measuring Kit Metric Measuring Kit

Nine (9) Piece Metric Measuring Set.  Includes five measuring cups and four measuring spoons.  All with metric measures. 

US $12.97 - More...
Light Switch Protector Light Switch Protector

US $9.97 - More...
Letter Set Letter Set

Letter set with Envelopes and Paper

US $9.97 - More...
Large 2 Large 2" Frillneck Lizard Pewter

Frillneck Lizard Pewter

US $19.97 9.97 (Sale - Clearance Sale!) - More...
Kollectable Keepsake Christmas Ornaments Kollectable Keepsake Christmas Ornaments

Great Christmas gift for an Aussie in the states! Made of gold plated metal, with bright enamel paint it will last for years to come.

US $3.97 - Baby Girl & Moon, Horse and Buggy, Congratulations Champagne, Kangaroo
US $3.97 1.97 (Sale - Clearance Sale!) - Baby Boy & Moon
- More...
Koala Watch Koala Watch

Great accessory or gift for anyone, black leather band with a Koala watch face. We will also make sure that there's a fresh battery prior to shipping.

US $21.97 - More...
Koala 2.5 Koala 2.5" Stick Pin with Holder

This 2.5" stick pin makes a sharp addition to your favourite Aussie hat or lapel. The holder keeps the sharp end from pricking and keeps it attached, so you don't have to worry about losing it.

US $3.97 - More...
Kangaroo Paw Back Scratcher Kangaroo Paw Back Scratcher

Kangaroo Paw Back Scratcher

US $29.97 - More...
Hand and Body Soaps Hand and Body Soaps

The natural essence of Australia.

US $5.97 - More...
Framed Koala Wall Art Framed Koala Wall Art

US $12.95 - More...
Fosters Gold Square Pin Fosters Gold Square Pin

Measures 3/4" x 3/4". Pin clasp.

US $7.97 2.97 (Sale - Clearance Sale!) - More...
Mother Nature Soap Mother Nature Soap

Mother Nature Soap, These specially blended soaps from New Zealand will leave you feeling pampered.

US $3.95 - More...
AUS Green & Gold Beach Towel AUS Green & Gold Beach Towel

Show your Aussie pride on the beach and in the bathroom. This 100% cotton velour beach towel measures 30" x 60". Made in China.

US $25.97 - More...