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Lee from Adelaide, South Australia on May 09, 2003:

I can't give simply Oz enough credit for what they supply us expats here in the USA. Although we would all like more, I believe many of us are just satisfied with what we can get. My children thought it was Christmas the first parcel we opened from Simply Oz, and the excitement still continues 18 mths on with each order. The neighborhood American children are all now addicted to freddo's, milo,white chocolate and Chicken chips!!!!The kids at school love it when it is my children's turn to bring in snack for the class, because they all know it is going to be Aussie tucker!!!!!!!
Thanks Simply Oz for making our life more enjoyable, by the tucker we get to eat & share with our fello American's.

Sal from LA on May 08, 2003:

You have a wonderful yet affordable selection of foods. Maybe you can start importing stuff like a chiko roll and meatpies, sausage rolls and sell them online.. just a suggestion

Simone Callis from Adelaide, SA on May 01, 2003:

Moved here only 5 months ago, but am sooo glad to be eating "REAL" food again thanks to Simply Australian! Really miss my meat pies & sausage rolls and most of all Aussie Cheese (what is with the orange cheese over here!)

Louise Tingman from IL on April 28, 2003:

Can't say THANKYOU enough. I'm an Aussie from SA married to an American. Been here nearly eight years. The kids love vegimite and milo. The hubby loves Tim Tams and me, the lot!
Thanks for taking care of us Expats

David A. Gough from Sydney (Sylvania Heights & Parramatta) on April 26, 2003:

I live in a small Middle American town of 1000 called Yutan in Nebraska and have been in America for a little over 3 years . I came here to marry an American who I met in Australian when she came to have a holiday and i was her guide. We fell in love and the rest is history. She loves Australia and i miss it very much. We hope one day to go back and settle there.

Andrew from Sydney but Now in Madison WI on April 18, 2003:

would love to meet up with any other aussies in this area........

kathleen alexander from Ontario, Canada on April 17, 2003:

Cool eh

Tammy C. from Virginia on April 15, 2003:

My husband is an Aussie, moved here to this country just to live with myself and my children,,after giving up his world for me, I can see his longing for Aus and foods from his world. I was thrilled to find this site and have plans to order again and again!

michelle mackay from sydney on April 14, 2003:

are you able to get the binka brand of lollies/jellies, snakes etc?

Nick Adair from Sydney on April 03, 2003:

I'm not actually living in the USA but in the neibourhood. Just north actually in Toronto Canada, i miss dredfully all thing's Australian where it was only a few thing's for the first year or so. Anyway my wife found this site and i am really pleased. No doubt i will spend plenty of wasted time here deceiding which choclate bars and other things i require for the coming months or so. Just hoping delivery will come as far north as this fridgid land. Cheers mate.

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