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Kelly from Sydney on September 04, 2003:

I have now lived here in Los Angeles for 5 years. I do love it here but, do miss family, friends, Sydney and Aussie foods and such. I have good old Mum to sent me care packages every so often. How I love and miss my Mum and Dad, too!! Oh, how I love Simply Australian. I placed my 1st order a month or so ago. It was so nice to order stuff and save my mum some money. There were a couple of things that the website did not have. They were cup a soups and 2 minute noodles. So, I e-mailed you my requests and you finally e-mailed me back and told me that those items were now available on line. I just placed an order for those. Thank you

Aussierules from Switzerland on September 01, 2003:

Check it out -> english comments are wellcome!

Michael Martino from Indonesia on August 30, 2003:

I like Australian boots very much, specially for RM Williams and Blundestone. I have that boots. i use Rm Williams only for party and go to office, but Blundestone i use when iam discharge cattle from Darwin. Rm Williams says " we are proud of what we make "
Iam really proud for what i wear.
because iam the only one have Rm Williams boots and blundestone in my town.

Ken S. from Seattle, WA on August 25, 2003:

Moved to Seattle from Qld, Australia, And I would like to say thanks for alowing me to get a bit of Australia he in the U.S.

Take Care

Judy from Baltimore, MD on August 21, 2003:

I was in Australia (twice!) this past year and had a wonderful time!! Now that I have found a source for Tim Tams, just have to find a source for Daintree tea!

jimmy from maryland on August 19, 2003:

if it alright, it will be alright also with me.

derek o'connell from Canada on August 17, 2003:

I like hot chicks

stacey & lauren from America on August 17, 2003:

good and yum

Natalie from Montgomery, Alabama on August 17, 2003:

It's been 2 years since I studied in Melbourne, and not a week goes by that I don't crave tim-tams! My husband suprised me with some from your site and now we, too, will be regular customers! Thanks!

marion from New York/New Jersey USA on August 12, 2003:

I love your products..I am relocating to South Australia at the end of this year and am very excited to be doing so...met a nice "Aussie Bloke" and am in heaven...

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