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Rachael from Brisbane Australia on November 05, 2003:

Now living in Pensacola, Florida. Great to see custard powder, would be better if you had the Poppy brand. God bless you for carrying Napisan, that American stuff just doesn't compare.

Megan Otton from Unley Park, South Australia on November 04, 2003:

Please tell everyone that La Casa Gelato in Vancouver, Canada, makes Vegemite Icecream sometimes (they have 198 flavours) and it is not bad, hard though that may be to believe.

Melanie Stevens from Melbourne, Victoria on November 03, 2003:

Does anyone know of anyway/anyone who imports Four'n'twenty meat pies? We've found a few places who make 'aussie' meat pies, but they are not the same taste - dark gravy, dense pastry, etc.


owen raynel from Kiwi living in El Paso,TX.USA on October 29, 2003:

Love what you have,do you have any candy,choc.bars and such

kathleen pisaneschi from woonona on October 29, 2003:

Live new york since 1978

Missy Klimkowski from Wonder Lake, Illinois on October 27, 2003:

Looking for the Dusty Baker toothpicks. My mom heard about your site on WGN. The picks are for my dad. He carries toothpicks in an altoid container in his pocket and chews on toothpicks all day!

Megan Nelson Otton from Unley Park, Adelaide, South Australia on October 27, 2003:

Any other Adelaidians out there in Western Canada?

Beverly Inman from Adelaide - Madison Wisconsin on October 18, 2003:

Great to find you - heard of you on WGN Chicago. Just
back from a long trip home, now back to face this
Wisconsin winter!

greg waddell from perth, wa on October 11, 2003:

you little ripper! simply australian i can't wait to get some vegemite and tim-tams to boston. go sox.

Darren Harvey from From Orange NSW but now in Cleveland on October 08, 2003:

Great to see some things from Oz its great to search some aussie things on the net when you feeling homesick. Maybe ill be getting some stuff from you guys soon. Hey can you get hold of Cricket bats and stuff like that?

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