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hedgehog from australia on May 24, 2004:

um, as an australian, i'd just like to make it known that we here in the land of oz dont ACTUALLY wear or like most of the clothing on this site. no-body ACTUALLY wears akubra hats, i have seen one koala in my entire LIFE and it was in a zoo, and we have had running water and electricity for quite a few years now.

this stuff might be directed purely at tourists, but even so, hows about we give them an accurate slice of 'australiana' rather than the stereotypical crocodile dundee vision we've been trying to abandon since it was conceived...


Louie Manogue from Salt Lake City, Utah on May 22, 2004:

Hi, I came accross this site, and found it interesting. I am an Aussie in America, but my situation is far from normal. I came over here about 1.5 yrs ago to see my dad who lives in Arizona, and joined the US airforce. So if anyone here, thinks it's tough being away from home, try being in my situation. Just about to be deployed to Iraq also. Been to alot of places though, and learned ALOT. Thanks for site. Alios Amego.

sherry alderman from usa missouri on May 19, 2004:

i would like to find a pen pal from son is in boy scouts and i need to find some one from another country so i picked austraila so e-mail me if anyone is interested

sherry alderman

Jenny from Perth, WA but lving in Anchorage, Alaska on May 10, 2004:

Simply Oz has always provided good customer service and ship their orders very promptly.
I am very happy with them and look forward to placing my next order.
BTW, they have better prices than other Aussie food companies out there !

Alan Johnson from New York on May 03, 2004:

Looking for a meat pie ...

linda wigand from livonia, Michigan. U.S.A on May 02, 2004:

I'm so glad I heard about this website! My daughter is visiting Australia this summer with people to people and was a little nervous about the food. This will give her a chance to try some different items and possibly get to like them before she gets there. Thanks!!!!

Helen Delbridge from Saint Louis on April 25, 2004:

We moved here from Epping, Sydney in December last year. This site is wonderful. Please find Arnott's Vita Wheat biscuits - they are great with the Kraft Cream Cheese Spread!!!

Janine from Virginia - Perth, WA at heart :-) on April 21, 2004:

LOVE YA LOVE YA LOVE YA! Great packing and YUMO food. All the stuff I miss from home. I only wish I had found your online store when I was pregnant. If I ever decide to have another baby I will just move into your store for 9 months. LOL. Joking as you would go broke....... Now only if I could get a chicko roll..... Mmmmmmm

Greg Sansom from Gloucester - NSW - Australia on April 21, 2004:

Congratulations on this venture ! I'm also interested in establishing an Aussie Pie experience in the US. I don't want to intrude on your ideas, but would it be possible to point me in the right direction in order to find out how to go about doing this ? I'm more interested in an outlet style business, rather than on-line. I think the country is big enough for a couple of Pie Eaters. Many thanks.

The Alexanders from Bendigo, Vic. Australia Now in Tacoma, Washington, USA on April 10, 2004:

These guys are fantastic! They shipped our items within 24 hrs. of placing an order online and we received them within days. Very professional and excellent packing of products. Copha & cordial put in snap lock plastic bags, items bubble wrapped and extra 'peanut' packaging too. Reasonably priced too. We have since also visited the shop and have stocked up more!! We're also stocked up on pies from The Australian Pie Company near Seattle, WA.
All we need to find now is a source to buy VB!! Cheers :-)

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