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Donna from Perth, Western Australia, now in Indianapolis. on November 15, 2004:

So nice to be able to find some products from home especially ginger beer and cordial.

wendy from brissy on November 12, 2004:

no twisties :( cheese ones need to be put on list

kylie from Auckland New zealand (now long island NY) on November 12, 2004:

Wow quick service got my tea tree oil and jasmine soaps fast, thanks !!!!!!

Melanie Harris from Sydney, Australia (now Spanaway Washington) on November 10, 2004:

G'day all you aussies.

Chris from San Francisco on November 09, 2004:

Great site, forgot to bring some stuff back from Melbourne last visit but can easily buy it from you guys. Good work.

Gabrielle Richards from Seymour, Australia - Eugene, Oregon on November 08, 2004:

Keep up the great work guys....

uche from togo on November 06, 2004:

mugu keep offfooooooooooooo

Chris from Derby, KS on November 04, 2004:

This summer I traveled to Australia as a Student Ambassador and was addicted to Lemon Lift and was so glad to find you sight. Thank you so much!!!

Rebecca from Dallas, TX on October 18, 2004:

Holy Cow!!!! My order arrived 3 days before I thought it would. The Tim Tams are awesome. I know I'll be ordering more soon. Best. Service. Ever.

Sharron Todd from Perth, Western Australia on October 13, 2004:

I was really glad to find your website, I have been
looking for australian products for a long time. It was great to see copha and ginger beer on it.

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