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Julia Henshaw from Lebanon, IL on December 06, 2004:

My family and I spent 2 1/2 years in Townsville, QLD. We recently moved back to the states and I was so excited to find this website! I just placed my first order and can't wait to get my Arnott's SESAME WHEATS!!!! Thanks, Simply Oz. Whenever we get to the Northwest we'll have to make it a point to stop by.

Karen Loughran from Born and bred in Sydney, now living in LA. on December 04, 2004:

Nothing like a cuppa and assorted creams, brings tears to your eyes!

Stan Haley from Kansas (Ex Brisbane) on December 02, 2004:

Wow, great service and great products.
Having fun introducing my American family members to some REAL foods.
Keep up the good work.

Elizabeth Swainston from Illinois on December 02, 2004:

My order of Tim Tams (which I'm giving as Christmas presents - won't I be popular!) arrived yesterday in excellent condition - and much faster than I'd anticipated. I'm delighted and am planning to order from you again....and again....and again. Thank you ever so much!


ps. I think I'll include your website address with each box as I have a feeling everyone will want it!

Amy from Tyrone, PA (used to live in Adelaide, SA) on December 01, 2004:

I was delighted to find your web site today! My husband is so hungry for Black and Gold Fruitcake and now his Christmas stocking will be bulging with his favorite Aussie goodies! I am a closet Scotch Finger fan so I ordered some for me!

I also ordered the Slim Dusty, Best of, CD and as he is a HUGE fan and guitar player, he will be so surprised.

Thanks again and all the best for the holiday season.

Ruth from born and raised in sydney nsw now in new jersey / pennsylvania on November 20, 2004:

finally found a reasonably priced site in the us....and with a wide range of goods .....
great ,.... love it.... been in the us 5 years now and now can have cravings answered ...thanks guys love it

Jeanine Annunziato from Brisbane Australia - Living in Wisconsin on November 18, 2004:

Thank God for You!

I have been living in the States for six years now and just by accident came by your site. No more having to bribe my mum to go out and buy me a supply of all my favorites, pay a ton on shipping, and wait weeks before getting my cravings fixed.

Now that I have this site, plus a Aussie pie store that is open in my town - home doesn't feel so far away.

I love your site.. I love that you love Australia as much as I do and realize that there is such a market for these products to poor souls like me who miss their homeland and especially the food so much.

Thanks for making me soo incredibly happy.

Donna from Perth, Western Australia, now in Indianapolis. on November 15, 2004:

So nice to be able to find some products from home especially ginger beer and cordial.

wendy from brissy on November 12, 2004:

no twisties :( cheese ones need to be put on list

kylie from Auckland New zealand (now long island NY) on November 12, 2004:

Wow quick service got my tea tree oil and jasmine soaps fast, thanks !!!!!!

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