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sid sweeney from oklahoma city on February 18, 2005:

Originally from the riverland, South Australia. A long time resident of Oklahoma. Just started ordering from SimplyOz. Just had to have my Veg. Its easier than getting care packages from home.

MASTERMUGU from MUGUNIG on February 17, 2005:


Kerri Bratlee from Adelaide but living in Arizona on February 09, 2005:

Awesome company!! Second time ive bought from you guys and such good service and so speedy fast delivery of product. Thanks so much for providing me with a piece of home! Cheers!!!

Michael Dunn from Born and raised in Sydney, now in Lake Arrowhead, California on January 28, 2005:

G'day all.
I found this site after typing in "vegemite" in Google. This is fantastic. I am getting homesick just looking at the bottles of Vegemite !! Hey Aussie Gal from Brisvegas, I have lived in California for 12 years now and I would pay alot more for a jar or vegemite and have actually called Kraft and had them ship me over a "gift pack" of the stuff. I think it cost me $80.00 for 6 jars but it was money well spent. You can only eat so much peanut butter over here in the States ! I'm already looking forward to a cup of Billy Tea and some vegemite on toast. One important question...does anyone know where to get a real meat pie or sausage roll in California !!?

oscar tang from china on January 23, 2005:

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Jaz O"Brien from Orginally Sydney but Currently living in Palm springs CA on January 20, 2005:

I love you GUYS!!! Every now and then i can bring a little bit of home to USA. I have my American friends addicted to Tim Tams!!! Hmm I wonder if I can get commission from arnotts! You always package everything so wonderfully not a broken biscuit yet!

chris & sherri palfrey from sydney & port orchard.... on January 18, 2005:

please contact us when u get chicken twisties in... thank you... we were up to see u this past weekend.. the weather was horrible for the drive but well worth the effort.. chris would also like to know if u guys have any lemon crisps (arnotts) in and add us to your mailing list.. via email that is

Aussie Gal from Brisvegas on January 05, 2005:

Disgusted at how expensive a small jar of vegemite is! Highway robbery!!!

Joshua McCoy from Lacey, WA on January 04, 2005:

Stopped by the shop since it's 15 minutes from me. Great selection. I love Aussie food, and do plan to move in with my friend in Melbourne after college. Great job on the business!

Casey from Minnesota, USA on December 29, 2004:

I studied in Fremantle, WA last August-December. This Christmas, I was quite enjoyed to find a box with Tim-Tams and Billy Tea underneath the tree for me. Cheers! I'll recommend this site to all of my classmates who were in Freo with me.

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