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kaye jarman from queensland australia on July 22, 2004:

since moving from oz im so pleased to see your site on here i hope you keep it going with the barbie on the 24th july are they each month hope they are as us oz love our barbies
good day mate

Amanda from Australia on July 16, 2004:

Hello - I have ordered twice from this site, and am always happy with the fast delivery time. The goods are also packed very well. I am also happy when my Australian food items arrive; Turkish Delight, Golden Rough, Crunchie, Shapes and more - takes away the homesick blues, and are just plain delicious items to consume!! Now, all we need is to get UPS to use coolers or larger refrigerated boxes to transport packages containing chocolate food products. I have written to UPS to get things changed in the future. Keep up the good work, Simply Oz team!! Amanda (currently living in Las Vegas, NV)

Fiona Evans from New South Wales ... Australia on July 15, 2004:

Wow .... What a wonderful site .... Great to see that the USA can enjoy some FAIRDINKUM Aussie Food! I am married to an American .... I cannot seem to find a website in Australia that imports American food ... anyone that knows of one I would great appreciate the website address. "Have A Great Day!" :)

Doreen Williams (Huntley) from Canada on July 09, 2004:

I'm trying to locate an Australian friend who moved to England in 1983 His name is Eric Russell Baldwin and I have something to give him or his family. Eric was in the RAAF stationed in Canada
in 1942.

Casey Gates from Qld.. Australia on June 25, 2004:

And forgot to mention .. NOT in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be able to buy an Aussie meat pie ..over here in the states.. and god damn it was yummy .. thankyou and thankyou..:)

Casey Gates from Qldsland.. Australia on June 25, 2004:

I just come back from shopping in your store, with my American husband and was so impressed and pretty excited about being able to get my favorite chicken twisties .. I've been here in the US for close onto 3 years now and there are so many things you miss, in the food items alone and was great to see you carry all them particular items that one does miss.. Thankyou and I shall be a regular customer, while being posted here in WA and may I add, was nice to hear the aussie accent .. :)

fred blogs from perth on June 23, 2004:

this is a cool site man

Neville Henry from Houston Texas on June 22, 2004:

Past President Of Australian American Chamber of Commerce in Houston. Involved with Australian Community in Houston. Chairman of the National Australian American New Zealand Chambers of Commerce Conference Committee. Major National Confedrence is October 1 and 2 this year. 15 organizations, 7000 members. I am looking to promote Australian Products at the Conference. Sponsorship or Speakers, Goody bag to Raffle.etc

Bob Garavaglia from Saint Louis, MO on June 17, 2004:

Great Australian products! A great Aussie online store! Great service too. Checkout my web site at: for Australian travel information.

James Sganzerla from Brisbane QLD on June 13, 2004:

I moved to San Diego 4 months ago and during that time found your web site. I am no longer home sick now that I have my Tim Tams and vegemite. I also enjoy the taste of Aussie lollies, which don't taste like anything they have here in the states.
On a serious note, your delivery service is excellant.

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