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Helen Helm from born Stdney lived in USA now 20yrs on September 13, 2004:

My sis in Perth sent me your site , how awesome , I have lived in the states now almost 20yrs she has been such a great 'care package' sender , now it seems I can get what I want right here , plus take my son in VA treats he misses from home as well ... love the site and plan to shop , sure takes you down memory lane ... thanks Helen

Pete & Cindy Bennetts from North Carolina. on September 13, 2004:

Pete is ausi and Cindy is American. We live in North Carolina. Pete is from Perth West Aus .

Bud and Carolyn Wolf from Wichita, Kansas/Bundaberg QLD on September 07, 2004:

We spent two years living and working in Bundaberg in the sugar industry and very much cherish our time there and all our Aussie friends.
Nice to find a place where we can buy our favorite bikkie the TimTam. Now if you could just get some XXXX Gold and Bundy Royal Liqueur in your product line.......
Thanks for your prompt and courteous service.
Good luck with your business.

KiKi from Australia on August 30, 2004:

I have just spent the past hour going through your site page by page, item by item and I wanted to let you know I think its GREAT! You have not only added some good pictures to be but also your explanation of those products is interesting and informative to those who dont know anything about the product.
I will certainly be passing on your URL to alot of my friends who live in the USA.

BIll Loy from Fort Myers, FL on August 21, 2004:

Just got back from a month in Oz in time for Hurricane Charley. No electricity for a week. Had to survive on Tim Tams. All in all, not a bad way to go...

Joanne Rigby from Melbourne Victoria Australia on August 17, 2004:

I've been a permanent resident of the U.S. for 15 years now, residing in Denver, Colorado and loving it! My family and friends send me "goody" bags from the land down under for holidays and special occasions, but it's nice to have found your well rounded website. Now, I can entertain guests and family with the products they are familiar with. Thanks for making this possible, I love your website! :)

Joy & Cliff from Sebastopol, California on August 11, 2004:

We love Tim Tam Slamming! It has become our special family tradition and becoming a tradition for the extended family as well. My mother-in-law has developed an addiction to these tasty treats and we are always having friends over for a "slam" party. Everyone gets a little nervous when we first tell them that but soon love it just as much as we do.
Thank you Simply Australian! We love you guys. You are better than amazing to order from. You always go above and beyond.
Joy & Cliff

Diane from Sydney on July 30, 2004:

Ohhhh I can't wait for the choc covered scotch finger biscuits.. yummmmmmm And I have missed that wonderful taste of coola cordial too! I have been receiving packages from home for nearly 5 yrs and I think it's time I grew up and just order the things from this great site :-)) The taste of home is that much sweeter when it's this easy.
Looking forward to my first delivery. Thank you simplyoz. (Now a Massachusetts local)

kaye jarman from queensland australia on July 22, 2004:

since moving from oz im so pleased to see your site on here i hope you keep it going with the barbie on the 24th july are they each month hope they are as us oz love our barbies
good day mate

Amanda from Australia on July 16, 2004:

Hello - I have ordered twice from this site, and am always happy with the fast delivery time. The goods are also packed very well. I am also happy when my Australian food items arrive; Turkish Delight, Golden Rough, Crunchie, Shapes and more - takes away the homesick blues, and are just plain delicious items to consume!! Now, all we need is to get UPS to use coolers or larger refrigerated boxes to transport packages containing chocolate food products. I have written to UPS to get things changed in the future. Keep up the good work, Simply Oz team!! Amanda (currently living in Las Vegas, NV)

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