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Lee S. from Alabama on January 22, 2004:

A bit late, but thank you for making Christmas a success. I appreciate the call to offer a faster shipping option so my package could arrive in time. (Next year I won't procrastinate so much.) I was impressed by the excellent packaging. I will be a repeat customer.

susan kearns from geelong victoria on January 19, 2004:

i was so excited to stumble across your web site, ive been in the u.s.a. for 10 years and have not been back but plan a trip this june cant wait, anyway it was like taking a walk down memory lane, after being gone so long you begin to forget about all the foods you knew and loved, my question is do you ship meat pies, sausage rolls and dim sims, and do you have chocolate coated anniseed rings these are my favorite things i miss the most.

mugu on January 15, 2004:


janis from winnipeg, manitoba canada on January 08, 2004:

Hi from the frozen town, lately been extremely cold bought 1st. pair emus. New Grandma to 2 year old and twin baby boys, need good outdoor boots now!!! Thanks and see'ya!

E. A. Knight from South Carolina, USA on January 03, 2004:

I have been looking for opals for my daughter. I had heard, from a friend who had visited in your country, that the opals were stupendous. Why do you only have pearls? Also, I was surprised to find out that pearls came from there.
Thank you for an enjoyable look around a part of the world I have yet to go see.

kathy cimorelli from Wichita KS (formerly Perth, WA) on December 16, 2003:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 80) I was having a horrible Cadbury withdrawl (Hershey's just doesn't cut it) when a friend turned me on to your site! A little piece of Australia right here in the Midwest! Speedy delivery too! Thanks a bunch!

Melody Ayer from Florida on December 09, 2003:

My package arrived today and I was quite satisfied with the food products and the professional packaging. Nothing was crushed, smashed or broken and the products were fresh and tasted great. I will be a repeat customer and recommend this site.

Jeanette from Chicago on December 08, 2003:

I have been searching to find a company that ships Four N Twenty meat pies too! Since last week, has anyone had any luck locating such a company? My boyfriend is Australian and all he wants for Christmas is meat pies!

Michelle from Baltimore MD (formerly Narrabri NSW AUS) on December 06, 2003:

I love your site and I absolutely get carried away when ordering. Generally I just want a couple of items but end up with a long list. People that I work with are addicted to cherry ripes now:) For an Aussie who has relocated, your supplies are a wonderful taste from home and for that I thank you very much. I am able to buy pies, pasties and sausage rolls from a Scottish Bakery that are home baked and they are good but they aren't as good as an aussie meat pie.

Renee & John Rasmussen from Seattle Wa (John from Melbourne) on December 05, 2003:

Great to find other aussies here in the Pacific Northwest. Would like to hear for you and share experiences & discoveries. We too are looking for MEAT PIES !!

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