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Dianne Gibson from Virginia on February 26, 2004:

You guys have the very best customer serice that I have ever encountered. Very fast shipping and great products too. I will recommend your site to all my friends.

Brian Williams from Sydney, but if you mean where do I live then it's Northern Labrador, Canada on February 24, 2004:

My first order arrived in good shape and quite fast concidering we are on other side of N America, thank you to the Simply Oz staff, great job, though I hope you get some Anchovette in very soon.

samantha from Uk on February 17, 2004:

Hi to all of you are feeling homesick :O) I really know how you feel. I am from the UK and have been in Bahrain for 4 years. Remember home is where the heart is xx

parul from USA on February 13, 2004:

we find your site good and we are ranking it 6 out of 10
we recommend you site at

steve d from san diego ca on February 01, 2004:

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Michael from Indonesia on January 30, 2004:

i like Australian boot very much, because iam the only one who wear that boots on my town. I have 2 brand of Australian boot, i wear Blundestone to my hard work (such discharging cattle from Darwin) and i wear my RM Williams (Craftsman B 41, kangoroo leather) to the party.
Iam really proud to wear my boots. Comfortable, and very strong.

Chantal from Tassie, Melbourne, QLD. on January 29, 2004:

TReasures! TReasures!!
I was so delighted when my husband found this web-site... maybe I can keep the pangs of homesickness at bay a little longer. I have couple of suggestions for SimplyOz to consider for their shelves as I have been unable to find anything remotely similar after 3 years in the US:- Sunsilk shampoo, spray starch such as Fabulon, Mortein (low allergy) Fly spray, Tasmanian lavender oil products, Tassie leatherwood honey (such as from the R. Stephens' place in Mole Creek), Women's Weekly Cookbooks, "Chicken Tonight" mixes.. I could go on.. but I will resist the temptation. Thanks again for making my life so much more pleasant. I am now a devoteee!!

Pamela A. from Pennsylvania on January 26, 2004:

Truely the best at customer service, fast shipping, corresponding and a great product, exactly as stated. Nicest folks to deal with trying to please in every way. The Koolaburra boots are 1st class all the way. Will purchase from again.

Brenda from Sydney on January 25, 2004:

It's great to find your site looks like you have lots of great items. Thanks

Tammy Hickey from Cunnamulla, QLD Australia on January 23, 2004:

Congratulations and thank GOD there is now a place to get Aussie food online! Everytime I travel to the U.S I come home thinner, (which is not a bad thing) because I do not like much of the American food. Now, I can have all my favourite Aussie things shipped to my friend BEFORE I arrive. Now, thanks to you guys, I WON'T be homesick!
Thanks again.

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