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Michelle from Baltimore MD (formerly Narrabri NSW AUS) on December 06, 2003:

I love your site and I absolutely get carried away when ordering. Generally I just want a couple of items but end up with a long list. People that I work with are addicted to cherry ripes now:) For an Aussie who has relocated, your supplies are a wonderful taste from home and for that I thank you very much. I am able to buy pies, pasties and sausage rolls from a Scottish Bakery that are home baked and they are good but they aren't as good as an aussie meat pie.

Renee & John Rasmussen from Seattle Wa (John from Melbourne) on December 05, 2003:

Great to find other aussies here in the Pacific Northwest. Would like to hear for you and share experiences & discoveries. We too are looking for MEAT PIES !!

Renee Rasmussen from Seattle WA on December 05, 2003:

Being married to an aussie(melbourne) has me looking all over for products to please & remind him of home. Great to find your web site & beable to satisfy his cravings for cherry ripe and weetbix. thanks.

Helen Cambre from Texas USA on December 02, 2003:

Recently moved here from Sydney to marry my American Fiancee.

I was checking out the site and saw this person wanting the pies (I wish it was possible) and sausage rolls and Pasties for that matter. But anyway.

To Melanie Stevens from Victoria

Four and Twenty Meat Pies unfortunately I have found out that it is not allowed to import these into the US or so I was told and that is why they are not available. Something to do with Meat import restrictions.

Helen Cambre from Texas USA on December 02, 2003:

I just loved your site it was so nice to play a little Aussie music from the samples whilst checking out the great many goodies I wanted to buy. Its so nice to have a place where you can buy all your Favourites. I was also very happy to at last find somewhere I can buy the fruit for my Christmas cake and the coconut for the Lamngtons just a few things most Aussies cant live without.

Thanks Helen

Linda Casotti from Melbourne Australia on December 02, 2003:

Where can I subscribe to the Women's Weekly in the US

Lynn from Jacksonville Florida on November 15, 2003:

Nov 15th 2003
Thank you so very much to Simply Australian. I received my order this afternoon. My pantry looks like an Oz grocery store!!! The service was impecable. Packed so well by Jan!!!

ange Newton from Harrow Victoria Australia on November 08, 2003:

Beautblokes downunder (rural development project) need your help to find American girls looking for a fair dinkum Aussie Adventure Feb 29th - Mar 13 next year. Great value, great fun, adventure of a life time. Victoria and outback New South Wales.

Rachael from Brisbane Australia on November 05, 2003:

Now living in Pensacola, Florida. Great to see custard powder, would be better if you had the Poppy brand. God bless you for carrying Napisan, that American stuff just doesn't compare.

Megan Otton from Unley Park, South Australia on November 04, 2003:

Please tell everyone that La Casa Gelato in Vancouver, Canada, makes Vegemite Icecream sometimes (they have 198 flavours) and it is not bad, hard though that may be to believe.

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