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samantha kitzmiller from portland oregon / australia on June 07, 2005:

Thankyou for my first order, I have been craving oz munchies forever. Shipment came fast, I will definately be ordering in the future.
Keep those specials coming ...

Natasha from living in Hawaii on June 07, 2005:

I just placed a HUGE order with I can't stop thinking about all the yummy goddies I'll be getting soon. As well as the souvenirs & CD.
Can't wait!! It's been years since I've had a taste of good Aussie snacks.
I'm sure you've heard this before..but.."Can you ship Meat Pies" ??? Living in Hawaii for the past 6 years & I can't take much more of Coconuts, Mango's, Rice & Spam!!
Yes SPAM!....even McDonalds over here has it on their breakfast menu! I'll settle for a Meat pie anyday.
But thank you for a great store & great prices! And GREAT products. I've stumbled across a Goldmine & I'll be sure to spread the word.
Thanks a million!

The king of no waves from France on June 02, 2005:

Hi !
Yankees are lucky guys, A lot of Aussies living in France and frenchies too are deseperately trying to find a place where to buy some good ozy products. Why don't you do the same thing for us.
I've just finished my vegemite travel pack and that's makes me feel crazy.
Kind regards

Barbara from Rotorua, New Zealand on April 22, 2005:

I married an American and it's eighteen months since I saw a Malteser... you saved my life!!

Sande from Phoenix, Arizona on April 09, 2005:

I'm a Yank who visited Aus last year (Toowoomba, Brisbane, Bunya Mtn. Park & surrounds) and became addicted to Tim Tams, Cherry Ripe, Billy Tea, and Schweppes Lemonade while there, none of which I've been able to find here at home, even in the import and high-end grocery stores. Delighted to have found your site and will be treating myself to these goodies periodically, from now on - Thanks!! P.S. Packaging was so carefully done that, despite it already being in the 80's and 90's F, here, when I placed my first order, even the chocolate arrived in surprisingly good shape. Good on ya, & thanks for that kind of care in shipping!

Colleen Ray from Perth Western Australia on April 01, 2005:

glad to have this website to get the good aussie food. Living in Hawaii but miss home so much. That old saying is true, you dont know what you have untill its gone.

Stephanie Dixon from South Lake Tahoe, California on March 24, 2005:

I moved from Melbourne Australia, ten years ago and the thing I have missed the most is the lollies. I am so excited to find such a great site for my indulgences. Thank You So Much. Stephanie
P.S. It was an extra plus to find John Williamson CD's.

Nicki Muir from perth Western Australia on March 22, 2005:

g'day the reason I stumbled across this web site is I was trying to explain to my american bf who I met on line what vegimite tasted like and tim tams as well. now thanks to you guys I can order them on line and send them derectly to him with out having to leave my home to go down the shop and the post office. much cheaper and faster delivery cause it doesn't have to travel across the world. well done to you all and keep up the good work mates. I hope to visit the US in 2006. will have to order some vegimite from you guys to be at my boyfriend's place when I arrive. lol

Janet from San Diego on March 22, 2005:

Im an aussie living in San Diego and got your web site address from a yahoo group called "AmericansinAustraliaGroup" I havent had a chance as yet to order anything or even check out the site properly but Im happy to know about it and have the oppurtunity to order from you.

kate from Chicago on March 21, 2005:

I studied in Brisbane for a while, and I involuntarily became addicted to Tim-Tams. I thought I would have to brave the 20-some hour trip to Queensland before indulging again. Thank you for offering a chance for Americans to keep their addiction to Australia alive!

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