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Stephanie Dixon from South Lake Tahoe, California on March 24, 2005:

I moved from Melbourne Australia, ten years ago and the thing I have missed the most is the lollies. I am so excited to find such a great site for my indulgences. Thank You So Much. Stephanie
P.S. It was an extra plus to find John Williamson CD's.

Nicki Muir from perth Western Australia on March 22, 2005:

g'day the reason I stumbled across this web site is I was trying to explain to my american bf who I met on line what vegimite tasted like and tim tams as well. now thanks to you guys I can order them on line and send them derectly to him with out having to leave my home to go down the shop and the post office. much cheaper and faster delivery cause it doesn't have to travel across the world. well done to you all and keep up the good work mates. I hope to visit the US in 2006. will have to order some vegimite from you guys to be at my boyfriend's place when I arrive. lol

Janet from San Diego on March 22, 2005:

Im an aussie living in San Diego and got your web site address from a yahoo group called "AmericansinAustraliaGroup" I havent had a chance as yet to order anything or even check out the site properly but Im happy to know about it and have the oppurtunity to order from you.

kate from Chicago on March 21, 2005:

I studied in Brisbane for a while, and I involuntarily became addicted to Tim-Tams. I thought I would have to brave the 20-some hour trip to Queensland before indulging again. Thank you for offering a chance for Americans to keep their addiction to Australia alive!

Marie Jenkins from Smyrna Tennessee USA on March 17, 2005:

I am crazt abot Australia and want to know moer about it. I want recipes and what kind of things people like to eat down there. I have a cousin who lives in Brisbane Australia.

Dolly Foster from Canada on March 05, 2005:

I am searching for my second cousin who moved to Australia in the the 60's he may have children and I would like to get in touch with them. Last name Persaud first name Ramesh

Justine Campbell from victoria, La Trobe City on February 25, 2005:

this is a great web site, im living in the usa at the moment and havnt eaten anything aussie except vegemite but now that i have found this web site, that will change, well done its great.

Linzi Osburn from Bremerton, Washington on February 23, 2005:

G'Day all...formerly from Perth, Western Australia, now living up here in the great Pacific Northwest. Just LOVE you guys...all the comforts of home without the expensive airfare. Talk about QUICK delivery...I was impressed and hooked for life. Love to you all. For those here in Washington who are craving the good ole aussie meat pie...I've been told there's a pub in Seattle called the Kangaroo and Kiwi Pub that serves REAL meat pies...I'm planning on heading there as soon as possible. Visit their website too
Now all I need do is decide what I want for my next order. You guys (sorry - and are just NUMBER one in my book. Thanks !

Kate Tucker from Sydney now Great Falls Montana on February 19, 2005:

Fantastic site. My bag is always full when I come back from a visit home of vegemite etc. Nice to know that I can buy the ingredients for such fav's as Anzac biscuits. It is wonderful to bring up my American born children with Vegemite.

Michelle Gilbert from Kentucky on February 19, 2005:

WOW! What a service. I am originally from Melbourne. Craving Milo and Vegemite severely. Thanks to SimplyOz I am a satisfied Aussie. I ordered and received my package in 3 days, amazing and very very pleased. Will be sure to pass on the word to other Aussies in need of supplies. Thanks guys!

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