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Arthur T Christensen from Cloncurry originally on March 04, 2006:

G'day Mates,
I'm currently working in China and looking at my home very hard.
Typical Aussie and proud of it.

Amy from Perth, WA on February 28, 2006:

Hey y'all. I made the Anzac biscuits for the people I live with here in Fort Worth, Texas - they LOVED them!!! YAY. The diggers have a win!! Everyone else I've made them for has loved them as well and begged me to tell them how to make them. Thanks guys. Y'all are legends! haha

Hazel Ward from Brisbane, Australia living in Mineapolis, MN on February 25, 2006:

Wow! I've been feeling homesick all week, I've been here for a little over 5 years and mum always sends me goodies, but feel guilty she pays so much on postage! Plan to buy things from here & just seeing the pictures brings joy to me! Thanks for such a great site!

Krista Walter from Lemoore CA origianally from Mount Pleasant SA on February 23, 2006:

we aussies need to stick together with this whole fda thing that is starting to go on.... they are interfearing with an australian culture... doesnt that mean something????

Megan Edwards from Originally Murfreesboro, Tennessee on February 23, 2006:

Glad to find you. I was out of Madura...Wacko!!

sssssssssssssssss from jamacai on February 22, 2006:

this sight is calle "australian food" but i dont see muac about food or australia

Jennie Brown from Virginia on February 19, 2006:

Looking to add vegemite to a wedding gift

John from Cleveland, Ohio with heartstrings in Adelaide on February 16, 2006:

Thank you for the prompt delivery of our recent order of Vegemite and Vittoria coffee. We take great comfort knowing we have Simply Australian to keep us supplied. Now where can we find a couple of those fabulous yellow knit caps with the word AUSTRALIA across the front just like the ones worn by the Aussie 2006 winter Olympic team at the opening ceremony in Turino? Cheers!

Louise Martin from Scotland on February 10, 2006:

Brilliant - Wondercloths are the best in the world - no other matches them and you cannot get them in the UK. One chain store did sell but no longer does. Thanks for saving me annual trips to Oz to collect more!

Tony from Melbourne on February 09, 2006:

Bought some pies/pasties. Arrived late and warm. Proceeded to tell me it was my shipping option error??!! Would not refund or try to assist. How are you supposed to ship frozen items?? 3 day ground? I was a VERY regular customer for 3 years, never again.

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