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Carl from Edmonton, Canada (originally Adelaide) on August 20, 2007:

Arrived in Edmonton close to a month ago. Can't exactly say I'm homesick but miss do miss my CSR Golden Syrup (how do i make ANZACs without it?) and Violet Crumble. The Cadbury Chocolate is different here (its cause Canadians put wax in it to stop it from melting (which btw is the best bit)). I found a liqour store that sells Aussie Beer. Does anyone know of other places in Edmonton I can source unique Aussie made products in Edmonton? (There is only so many times I can purchase from this site which will be a final option if there is nowhere in Edmonton to track these items down).

janica jules from Sydney, australia on July 30, 2007:

I am soooooo excited to see aussie food being sold in this country!!!!!

I can stop loading my suitcases with home foods everytime I go on a visit!!!

Sarah from melbourne vic, now living Missouri USA on July 28, 2007:

There are other Australians in USA!! YAY! LOL. Been In USA for 2 years and miss meat pies sausage rolls etc.. the list goes on... Glad I found this site! Now all I need is Australian football to be on tv :P Go PIES!!!

Melissa from Edmonton Canada on July 14, 2007:

Hi, its great to be able to buy vegemite after safeways and the super store have removed this from the shelf.
Just wondering if there are any other Aussies living in Edmonton?

sylvia from Austria on June 25, 2007:

thanks so much for the smooth international transaction! I highly recommend this site to everyone! very reliable seller, very friendly and helpful staff that replies to questions immediately! Since I have spent my holidays in Australia (I was there twice) I am totally in love with this beautiful country, and I so love to use some products of Australia in my daily life. After a hard working day, a vegemite toast is the right thing that keeps me going. a big thank you to Simply Australian that makes it possible that I still can enjoy the taste of Australia although I can't be there in person. Will order from you again soon. Making business with you is a pleasure, and your products brighten my days!!!!

Rayeann from USA on June 08, 2007:

I visited friends in NZ a couple of years back and have enjoyed many treats since returning from your site. THANK YOU! The only place I go for lime cordial, Crunchy bars, and Tim Tams! Not to mention ginger beer... But what about Pineapple lumps?!?!?!?! Can't find them anywhere stateside... :-(

Pamela Miller from Valdosta, GA on June 01, 2007:

I just looked at Beth's video on youtube to see that she got a handwritten thank you from you guys for sending the video I made along with her order!! I am certainly glad that my vid boosted your sales a little! And yes Tim Tams rule!! My faves are the chewy caramel!! They absolutely awsome with nice hot cup of tea!!

P Clark from Canberra now Charlotte NC on October 19, 2006:

This site is a lifesaver. I have only been in America for less than a year and I have been so homesick for some good ole aussie food. Life will be a bit esier now. Thanks.

Robyn Marshall from Bundaberg, Qld now living in Marshall, TX on October 14, 2006:

Just arrived back in the USA after 2 years at home in Bundaberg, QLD and now living in Marshall, TX with my American born husbaned.

letisha and britney from Australia on October 12, 2006:

ok yeah its great that theres a site like this for people who are homesick (like its Australia, who wouldnt be) so anyways back to my story its great but instead of the meat pies which actually look like frozen apple pies, you should be selling the real meat pies , im talking of course about Mac's Pies from Broken Hill, they are with out a doubt the best meat pies you would have ever tasted. So please anyone out there , next time your in Australia go to Broken Hill and have a real meat pie!!!!!

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