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m. hodge from victoria on July 11, 2008:

I would really like to know where to get things like Aussie meat pies, custard tarts, Peak Frean Vita Wheat biscuits , sweets like fantails, mintos, Rosella Fruit Chutney, all the good old things.wereflags

Angelika Hickman from N Carolina originally Melbourne Australia on June 28, 2008:

thank you so much for allowing me to bring some of me favs into my home without having to spend thousands of $ on plane tickets..although i would like that..i miss home so bad and it is wonderful to know that i can have a vegimite toast any time i want also the ol flake bar...great stuff...i do miss Dim Sims any way of getting them here...

Brynn from Arizona on June 18, 2008:

I have to thank you for getting my order so quickly! I ordered Schweppes Ciata soda for my husband for his birthday (we fell in love with it on our honeymoon in australia). I couldn't find it anywhere except on your website. I am so excited, thanks again!!

Lexie Sanders from Victoria Australia on May 25, 2008:

Great to see that our ex pats dont have to feel so homesick. Well done on the site bout time the rest of world got to see what makes us so unique!!!!!!!

Geetha Longland from Brisbane / Florida on May 11, 2008:

We were so happy to find this web site. We miss the taste of Golden Circle Jams and Fruit Juices. Would you like to expand your product list to include them as well.
Geetha & Ken Longland

Sydne from Northern California on May 04, 2008:

I'm so glad I found this website. I've visited Australia a couple of times and fell in love with some products there. When I returned home to the states I couldn't find them. Now, I can!

The service from this website is amazing. Its fast and dependable.

Keep up the brilliant work!

Melissa from Australia on April 25, 2008:

Hi - Great idea. My friend in the US is feeling home sick and asked me to bring over some Aussie foods when I next visit. Security far too hard, far to hard to post the item.

I'll make sure she knows about this website so she can order anytime she feels blue.

Frank Gross from Nowra, NSW on April 23, 2008:

G'Day Mates,

I'm in Los Angeles right now and pineing to get back to Oz and Lightning Ridge to have a squiz around the place. Might get out to the Grawin to try my luck too. I am having withdrawals because I just ran out of Promite. Hope I can get it here.

Sara from USA on April 13, 2008:

Very Nice. We will highly recommend your site.


Jessica from Melbourne/Baltimore on April 09, 2008:

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for making my move to the US a little less traumatic - nothing beats digging in to some Smarties when I feel extra homesick!

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