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Randall Taylor from Saginaw, Michigan on September 16, 2006:

I have a few aussie friends and they hooked me on tim tams and vegemite. I find this site very good for finding Austalian produces.

Carol from Melbourne on July 21, 2006:

Just happened upon your site when trying to find where I can get the essentials in life Vegemite!
Been in Detroit for 2 months is a one way trip....and a big decision.Great to read others messages...Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

Zack and Wendy Armstrong from Brisbane on July 09, 2006:

We arrived as a family 16 June - Cleveland Ohio and are here for 5 years at least. My husband is on a L1 Visa and was initially transferred September 2005. Good to be together again
Love the website!!!

Lisa from origninally from Stanthorpe and Brisbane now moving with a military husband on July 05, 2006:

Thank you for bringing a taste of Australia to a homesick aussie. I have shared your info with every other Aussie I have had the opportunity to meet. You are a true blessing!!!

Denzil Day from Adelaide, SA on June 05, 2006:

Have been living in the US for over 14 years and still miss the food from home. Thanks for offering the luxuries of home overseas.

Debbie from from in Fort Myers Florida on May 20, 2006:

Love this site, it is great to be able to now purchase my "home" goods online (much less expensive than flying to Sydney to get them!!!) now I can share my Tim Tams etc with friends and my husband and kids (I used to keep them all for me..LOL) ....thank you :)

Leang from Connecticut on May 19, 2006:

I've been living in the states for about 9 years now. Finally I don't always have to ask Mum or my friends to send me Vegemite and Twisties!!! I love this site. Thank you so much.

Colette from in RI on May 13, 2006:

Thanks guys SO much for saving me with my lack of vegemite supply and the hundreds and thousands I got made my son's 1st bday party a huge success. Can't make fairy bread without the real stuff! This is an awesome website and I am so thankful to be able to order Aussie goodies so quickly and at a reasonable price. You beauty!!!!!!

Astrid Lanich from Originally Sydney, now Charleston, SC on May 04, 2006:

I can't believe that I have been living in the US for the past 7 years, and I am only just now finding a website that I can get all my Aussie Goodies!!! Figure the odds that I am now moving to Germany. You can bet that I will continue to shop here!!! My Mum is greatful as well. No more shipping the stuff from Asutralia!

jeanette from QLD, australia on April 29, 2006:

i just read some of the other entries in the guestbook....chicken chips...OMG now im really i miss ive got a real shopping list going...

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