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Chris from Born in Brisbane, live in Jersey on November 28, 2005:

I don't believe this... Placed an order Saturday night and came home Monday to find it on my doorstep ... all the way across the country! Mum (88 YO) will have a happy Christmas with all that Vegemite!

You have a happy Christmas yourselves, and ta, luv!


Michelle Mallette from Baltimore, Maryland USA on November 19, 2005:

Hi to all at the Simply Australian Team: Nearly 5 years ago I moved from Narrabri (a small country town in N/W NSW) to the big smoke of Baltimore. Apart from missing family and friends I really missed Aussie food. Since then I've made many orders through your company and you have saved my sanity. I never did get a liking for Hershey's chocolate but you always had Cadbury:) I've even purchased products to introduce to my American friends and they have very much enjoyed all of it. Next month (December 2005) I'm moving back to Aus permanently and I want to say a huge thankyou to all of you. I can see my 1st grocery shopping in Aus - Tim Tams, Klinkers, Vegemite, Passionfruit for my Pavs, Musk Lifesavers etc and a good old Aussie Hamburger:) Thanks so much and keep up the good work saving other Aussie's taste buds:)

Sandy Summerfield from Bairnsdale, Victoria on November 12, 2005:

Your site is a lifesaver guys!! I've been living here in the USA for almost 2 years and I've really been missing my Aussie food - especially now that my husband and I are expecting our first baby - your site has certainly made it MUCH easier to satisfy some of my Aussie cravings! Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

sherri & chris palfrey from sydney, now in pacific northwest.. puget sound.. other side of the bloody bridge on November 04, 2005:

Hey all, Jan and the crew... aussie made it throught his surgery and loved his "care Package" for the dying aussie..(lmao) told u he was a bloody drama queen... and we just got our box with the passion fruit so i can make him a damn pavlova so he will shut up and i can see what all the fuss is about.. hugs to all and yes he is healing.. slowly but healing.. i have turned a few nurses on to ur site and a doctor hello dr becke...bloody aussie dr working at the hospital complaining about not being able to find his tea and yeah wouldnt u know it my big mouth told him where to and now i have given ur addy to a new rock group to hook them up also.. who knew they would b playing here in bremerton? yes they are aussies too... FOR THOSE WHO WANT MEAT PIES AND SAUSAGE ROLLS got to aussie meat pie company on the links page and send an order to angus.. he ships... and they are yummy. and hey he even does lammingtons too...hugs again to all and have a good one to all... yes i am off to cook the damn pavlova ..

Bob Garavaglia from St. Louis, MO on October 26, 2005:

Dear Trish, Bruce, and all,

It was great seeing you at the store on my visit out west. It reminded me of the shops in Sydney. You have a very beautiful spot up there overlooking Mt Rainier. All the best and hope to see you again soon.

Amanda Pitt from Canberra, ACT on October 26, 2005:

Trying to contact Liane Linstead. I went to school with Liane in Canberra and there is going to be a reunion of our Year 10 School Year next February. Brigit says "hi", and hope Liane can get in touch with us soon.

Domenico Scalogna from Sicily on October 19, 2005:

Well, what to say? I'm crazy for vegemite but I don't have it here in my country. It would be nice to find this food in our shops too.

Gary Christison from Queensland on October 14, 2005:

Hi im originally from tamboreen village just outside brisbane been living here in canada for 16 years and now I finally find you just looking at your site makes me home sickmy wife is comming through washington in a week and she has been told to call in and buy lots thanks for a great store see ya later Gary

Jen from Melbourne Australia on October 13, 2005:

I sent some stuff from you to friends in Texas and Canada, and they can't stop gushing about how wonderful it all is, and how fast it arrived! Goos show! :)

Lyndall from QLDer living in California on October 05, 2005:

I have been living in the US for about 5 years now and Oh how I miss my Australian food. I love the assortment of food this company provides and at a reasonable cost. I just wish you could send us real Aussie hamburgers and fish and chips!! Thanks Simply Oz

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