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Kerri-Lee Fulton from Queensland - residing Alaskan Bush on January 26, 2006:

Simply Oz - Congrats on a fabulous site - I'll definitely be back to shop around!!!. So here I am feeling a little homesick, when Anchorage Daily News does a Life & Taste article on "tucker from Down Under" (1/25/06) - which mentions expat sites and the Aussie-Kiwi Club. Thanks to MUO for the we link and several work buddies who shared the newspaper clippings. Happy Australia Day! Amazing think I have recently relocated from Washington State to the Alaskan Bush without knowing I had access to some great shopping deals (at my back door for the past 17 years!!!). Yep, already planning how to include a quick trip out the Alaskan Bush to Seattle or Spokane rather than our annual detour to Canada for comforts from home. Again, thanks! Kerri

Wayne Kosten from Thirroul NSW on January 22, 2006:

Love the site and the food, thanks for being here

Scott from Seattle, WA on January 12, 2006:

I just received my 15th order from Simply Oz. I've been totally satisfied 15 times now. I just received a beautiful Arnott's Cabin Biscuit Tin loaded with 2.2K of biscuits, and delivered in perfect condition. I'm wrapped to say the least. The goods are anyways fresh, packed with extreme care, and almost always shipped the same day I order. I travel back to Australia every year but can never seem to return with enough stuff. My bags just aren't big enough. Simply Oz is my number one source for the goodies I crave. Count on me to be back many times.


Rebekah from Ohio on December 24, 2005:

I discovered your website through an Australian pie website... You don't know how happy this makes me to find such product! I lived in Aus for four years, and it became my second home. Now that I'm back here, I miss my "home" so much and all of the wonderful flavors from there. Thanks for bringing your product over here!
Merry Christmas!

CHUKWUDI from LAGOS NIGERIA on December 24, 2005:

i am runing crazy about when one is looking for vegemite it can be find in any local shops in my region,so my company want to make it as duty that all lovers of vegemite will have it on their door steps,if esculsive writen order given to me,all the best

Elisabeth from Brizzy QLD Land of OZ - living in Arizona, USA on December 22, 2005:

I've been in the USA for 6 years but Australia is the home of my heart! And I totally miss Aussie food!!!! (Michelle from Maryland, I COMPLETELY agree w/you about Hersheys!!) This website is Gold! It's loaded with the best stuff on earth I used to eat as a kid and I'm just gonna live it up!!!
Merry Christmas to all!

Val from Denver, CO on December 15, 2005:

I visited the wonderful land of Oz two years ago and have wanted to go back ever since. This Yank absolutely fell in love with Vegemite, Schweppe's Real Lemonade and Weetbix. I am so happy to have found Simply Australian because I can have all that I want now and not wait for someone to send me my treats. Cadbury chocolate is the absolute best. Yanks don't know really good chocolate...

Rebecca from Sydney, living in California on December 07, 2005:

I have been living here in the USA for just over 12 years now and still miss all my Aussie goodies. I always have my mum bring me over a hoard when she comes for X-Mas but I have to suffer all year long. Since I have found you (thru an Aussie friend here in CA) I no longer have to suffer and can stuff myself stupid with all my fav lollies.
Thank-you Simply Aus for making my cravings a thing of the past!! :P

Chris from Born in Brisbane, live in Jersey on November 28, 2005:

I don't believe this... Placed an order Saturday night and came home Monday to find it on my doorstep ... all the way across the country! Mum (88 YO) will have a happy Christmas with all that Vegemite!

You have a happy Christmas yourselves, and ta, luv!


Michelle Mallette from Baltimore, Maryland USA on November 19, 2005:

Hi to all at the Simply Australian Team: Nearly 5 years ago I moved from Narrabri (a small country town in N/W NSW) to the big smoke of Baltimore. Apart from missing family and friends I really missed Aussie food. Since then I've made many orders through your company and you have saved my sanity. I never did get a liking for Hershey's chocolate but you always had Cadbury:) I've even purchased products to introduce to my American friends and they have very much enjoyed all of it. Next month (December 2005) I'm moving back to Aus permanently and I want to say a huge thankyou to all of you. I can see my 1st grocery shopping in Aus - Tim Tams, Klinkers, Vegemite, Passionfruit for my Pavs, Musk Lifesavers etc and a good old Aussie Hamburger:) Thanks so much and keep up the good work saving other Aussie's taste buds:)

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