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angie filla from perth on August 26, 2005:

Hi guys,I just wanted to say thanks for all your great products over the last few months.
We are returning back to Perth after 14 years,and am very excited.
I cant wait to do my very first shopping after so many years being away.
needless to say,I'm sure I'll go crazy! lol
Thanks again and good bye mates! :-) angie :-)

Woop Woop from England on August 24, 2005:

I'm Woop Woop the Famous Globe Trotting Bear. At the Moment I'm in New Zealand but I'am moving on shortly and would love to visit Australia to meet the people and have some adventures. If any kind person/family would like me to visit them, it would make me a very happy bear.

I'm writing a book about my Travels called 'The Extraordinary Adventures of Woop Woop' I'm sure it will be a BEarST Seller!

More info about me can be found on

Luv & Bear hugs
Woop Woop xxx

John Simpson from Adelaide, SA on August 13, 2005:

Have been in USA a month...organising to get a job in Killeen after getting married....looking forward to my life here...have found everyone to be helpful and very friendly..

David Grimes from Sydney, Australia on August 13, 2005:

Living in West Palm Beach, FL

Terence Jacobson from Wagin, Western Australia on August 07, 2005:

Many Australians, myself included, comment on the influence American culture is having in Australia, especially on the younger generation. It's great to see Australian 'culture' fighting back in the U.S.A.

Keep up the good work.

Liane Linstead from Canberra, now living in Boston on July 28, 2005:

Have been in USA since April 2001 and Simply Oz has kept me (in)sane. We had to wait for the rels to come over to visit in order to get the Vegemite, Timtams etc that we missed dreadfully. Can't do without the old Golden Syrup either, Anzac's just don't taste the same with a substitute. We have also managed to get some of our friends here hooked on Timtams, so they can now buy them here without having to pay huge delivery charges. We luv yez Simply Oz. Liane

Nancy from Wisconsin USA on June 15, 2005:

When a friend brought my husband some Tim Tams this week from Australia, I looked to see if there was a place to buy some. He will be so thrilled with the biscuits that I purchased for him. We spent three wonderful years in Sydney and I miss it everyday. The Tim Tams will help . . .

IVAN from BRISBANE on June 14, 2005:

Your Web site is informative,easy to get to.I own wallabys Aussie pub@Grill in Santa Ana CA,and i purchase product from you great service great people Thank you

Elizabeth Myors from Tasmania, Australia currently Rhode Island on June 10, 2005:

I am living as an nanny for a year in the USA and missed many aussie food espically the chocolate it was costing my mum a fortune sending over to me, now i am happy to have found this site a large order arrived for me today. i can't wait to have weetbix for breakfast tomorrow

Natasha from living in Hawaii on June 07, 2005:

I just placed a HUGE order with I can't stop thinking about all the yummy goddies I'll be getting soon. As well as the souvenirs & CD.
Can't wait!! It's been years since I've had a taste of good Aussie snacks.
I'm sure you've heard this before..but.."Can you ship Meat Pies" ??? Living in Hawaii for the past 6 years & I can't take much more of Coconuts, Mango's, Rice & Spam!!
Yes SPAM!....even McDonalds over here has it on their breakfast menu! I'll settle for a Meat pie anyday.
But thank you for a great store & great prices! And GREAT products. I've stumbled across a Goldmine & I'll be sure to spread the word.
Thanks a million!

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