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Toni Smith from Perth, Western Australia on June 20, 2002:


I am currently living in Illinois, and miss all the bonza tucker such as meat pies, sausage rolls, minties, real chocolate, lemon squash, violet crumble and well the list goes on. . .

Gianina from southern NH (originally Sydney_ on June 16, 2002:

I found this site from another link my Mum sent me! Makes me homesick.. I'm a 27 year old Aussie who has been living here in the States for 6 years.. my American hubby doesn't always understand my passion for things like Vegemite! Though he's a Tim Tam addict.. any chance of being able to get sausage rolls or meat pies?? That is what I miss most! .. if there are any Aussie's who want to write, my email address is .. Cheers!

Jo Reilly from Melbourne - living in San Francisco CA on June 10, 2002:

I have just found your site and am wrapt! These food items are absolute necessities for any ex-pat Aussies!
Any chance of some Sunbeam sultanas at some stage???
Thanks for your great work!

sam reynolds from England, Cheshire,Northwich,Kings Mead, 14,wilton close. on June 09, 2002:

I think you have a great singing voice isgreat and I've bought every single song you have done.

Melinda from California on June 02, 2002:

SO wonderful to find a place where I can find my survival supplies! It's also nice to think there is a community of Aussies out there - no matter where you find yourself - and that 'home' is really not that far away...

Jan McGrath from Phoenix Arizona, USA on May 30, 2002:

Love the site - I enjoy the comfort of knowing I can get 'the little' things from home without having to fly there! It's like being in a secret club because only we aussies appreciate the true value of the products

Gretel Ingle from Originally, Cairns, Australia. Now -Tri-cities Wa. on May 24, 2002:

This site is fantastic! Now my brother doesn't have to send me "crave" parcels from home! My (new) American husband doesn't understand that us Aussies need our Vegemite and Cabury's chocolate, especially since our mates live so far away from us.

Maria Petate Ogata from Oahu, Hawaii on May 22, 2002:

I stumble upon your website by surprise. I was surfing the net, looking for a friend and indeed I found a better website.

The context of the this website is very good. I enjoyed reading it. I have been looking for an Australian Community here in Hawaii. I have not luck until now.

I do missed Australia and I have lived here for almost 2 yrs. I missed 4&;twenty meat pie. They are just the best. And Australia do have the best beers. Especially VB.

Anyway from now on I will continue to check on this website for any interesting write ups.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Alice from Brisbane, Australia on May 16, 2002:

I love this site, you save all us Aussies that are stuck over here with no food!! But what about grog? Any chance of getting some of that? What about crumpets that would also be great!
Keep up the good work!

Charles M. Dunn from Michigan on May 04, 2002:

How long will the products take to get to Milford, MI?

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