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jodie von rosenberg from Bunbury, Western Australia on October 22, 2002:

love this site get all my goodie i miss from back home been here 1 year 3 months in colorado married to an american i love it here but miss home and my family like crazy cant wait to get home for a visit. I am so happy to be able to get coconut from this site as my lamingtons arevery very popular here now.hi to all you aussies in USA

Dallas Gunter from Melb.Aust. Now Renton, WA USA on October 19, 2002:

I am so glad I found your site and you are close to me.!! I have been here a long time, but still love the aussie foods and things. Crikey! it made my day when my order arrived! Thanks Tunz.

craig marson from Eltham, Victoria on October 14, 2002:

Any Idea where to buy VB'S in the USA?

Melinda McDowell from Sydney on October 10, 2002:

I'm originally from Sydney & now living in Portland OR, & was pleased to see that Tim Tams were within a few hours drive! Homesickness sets in quite often (especially here during the winter months in the rainy northwest), so it's nice to know a slice of home is near.

tina rushing from texas on September 27, 2002:

It was great to place an order for all the foods we miss. One thing that you didn't have was 'cup of sauce' mixes. I still have these sent regularly from home, do you think you would ever stock these.
Thank you.

Cuauhtemoc Ramirez from México D.F. on September 26, 2002:

I enjoyed my visit to your very nice website.You have a lot to offer

Erika González from México D.F. on September 26, 2002:

I have just visited your site and had a great time

Jackie Nelson from Erie Pennsylvania on September 22, 2002:

RIPPER RITA!!!! What a blessing you guys are. I met my American husband in Port Hedland Western Australia but i am originally from Port Augusta South Aus ( CA'AN THE CROWS). I moved to America 2 years ago now, and I brought several boxes of my Aussie fav foods with me and most of my supply was either low or empty and i yearned for some flavours from home. And low and behold i stumbled upon your site. All i can say is SIMPLY AUSTRALIAN you are SIMPLY THE BEST. And PLEASE PLEASE keep adding more and more aussie foods to your site. Cheers Mate. God bless America and Advance Australia Fair.

Tony from Sale Victoria and now in Houston TX. on September 03, 2002:

As an expat Aussies that has been around the traps from Africa, Asia to the USA for 12 years this site is a savor. We have spent many nights dreaming of all the things we could net get and asking friends to hand carry back the essentials when ever possible over the years.
My Son only eats Kraft Cheddar cheese and we have resorted to bringing it in to the USA from Thailand and Saudi Arabia so far this year much to the amazement of the people we request to do this.
Keep it coming mate as it is the small things that make all the difference

Anna-Marie Shew on August 30, 2002:

I've sent quite a few things to my daughter, Zoe, via your web site and when I got Zoe's latest email, I felt I just had to let you know how grateful I am that you provide such a wonderful service to expat (read homesick!) Aussies. Here's part of Zoe's most recent email to me and it was this last paragraph that I thought I would share with you.

"I got the tea and Milo, thankyou so much!!!! I'm going to have Milo tomorrow before I leave on
my day off. We have hot chocolate, but nothing is as good as Milo. I think that Simply Australian is not only the best business in the US, but also the best humanitarian agency. They have saved me here!"

That's completely unedited and unsolicited and I thought you deserved to hear it.

Thanks again from her grateful mum.
Anna-Marie Shew.

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