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Secure Connection Wonder Cloth by Edco

Australia's most favorite polishing and cleaning household cloth. Made from special rinse-clean fibers, machine washable. Varied colors. 10" x 8"

Single US $7.97 Quantity in Cart:

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Wonder Cloth by Edco Reviews

karen from Toronto on December 11, 2008:
I have been using the amazing wondercloths for about 8 years.
A friend brought them home from Australia. Does anyone know where to get them in Canada? Thanks.
Justine Coombe from London on July 15, 2008:
A new company - Nature Friendly Products - now sells the wonder kitchen cloth here in the UK.
visit to buy online.

These cloths are also available for sale in the Australia shop in Covent Garden. Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London.

In addition to the wonder kitchen cloth, Nature Friendly have a fantastic washable dusting and microfibre cleaning cloths.
June F from Durban, South Africa on May 31, 2008:
I am also desperate to find any suppliers in south Africa, as we also get friends and relatives to bring them from Ausie.
J Hassan from UK on January 16, 2008:
I'm desperate to find the Wonder Cloths in the UK. I have my mother bring them over from Australia..... Help anyone.
john herron from northern ireland on March 10, 2007:
need to get supply of wonder cloth not avilable
in northern ireland