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Bobbie Dazzler Book

Bobbie Dazzler Book
Bobbie Dazzler 
Bobbie, a red-necked wallaby, discovers that practice makes perfect in this Australian import. She can jump, skip, balance, stand on her head, do somersaults, and perform a number of other gymnastic feats, but she cannot do splits. Koala, Wombat, and Possum tell her it doesn't matter, but it bothers her tremendously. One morning, the determined animal finally manages to slide into the desired position, but she can't get up without the help of her friends. Eventually, with lots of practice, Bobbie—and her pals—master the tricky maneuver. This story of encouragement is a straightforward message to be understood by even the youngest readers. The illustrations are engaging as well.

Bobbie Dazzler US $16.97

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