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Secure Connection Boomerangs / Didgeridoos

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Souvenir Australian Boomerang Souvenir Australian Boomerang

These imported boomerangs are made from a composite wood to resist cracking or breaking.

CAD 13.08 - Small Boomerang (12in)
CAD 17.01 - Medium Boomerang (14in)
CAD 20.95 - Large Boomerang (18in)
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Bamboo Souvenir Didgeridoo Bamboo Souvenir Didgeridoo

Handmade bamboo. Decorated by Aboriginal craftsmen. Colors will vary.

CAD 32.75 - Bamboo Didgeridoo (16 inches)
CAD 45.87 - Bamboo Didgeridoo (28 Inches)
CAD 65.54 - Bamboo Didgeridoo (40 inches)
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Hand Painted Didgeridoo Hand Painted Didgeridoo

These Australian didgeridoos are made from termite-hollowed Eucalyptus trees from the Northern Territory of Australia. These trees have been hollowed out by termites so each didgeridoo is natural...

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Dharug Hand Burnt Boomerang Dharug Hand Burnt Boomerang

This 22" and 12" hand burnt, Black Wattle timber boomerang is decorated by Australian Aborigines. No two are alike. Hand burnt by the descendants of the Dharug Tribe. They occupied the...

CAD 138.96 - Size 22 inches
CAD 65.51 - Size 12 inches
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Solid Wood Boomerang Solid Wood Boomerang

Handpainted solid wood boomerang. Decorated with Animal Design.

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