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Secure Connection Dharug Hand Burnt Boomerang

Dharug Hand Burnt Boomerang
Size 12 inches 

This 22" and 12" hand burnt, Black Wattle timber boomerang is decorated by Australian Aborigines. No two are alike. Hand burnt by the descendants of the Dharug Tribe. They occupied the territory what is now Sydney west to the Blue Mountains of New South Wales Australia. The customs, ceremonies and conduct of the Dharug were prescribed by laws believed to originate from the time of "The Dreaming". Taught and practised from generation to generation, it was a life characterised by much singing and dancing. Some words from the Dharug language have passed into the Australian language such as Boomerang, Waratah, Woomera and Dingo.

Size 22 inches US $105.95 Quantity in Cart:
Size 12 inches — Out of Stock, notify me. US $49.95

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