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Secure Connection Arnotts Tim Tams

Arnotts Tim Tams
ORIGINAL (11 Biscuits)  DOUBLE COAT (9 Biscuits)  CHEWY CARAMEL (9 Biscuits)  CLASSIC DARK (9 Biscuits)   Messina Chocolate Mint   WHITE (9 Biscuits)  6-PACK CHEWY CARAMEL (54 Biscuits)  VALUE PACK (20 Original biscuits) 

Looking for authentic Tim Tam biscuits? At Simply Oz, we've got the genuine article - the original Arnott's brand, imported direct from Australia.

Accept no substitutes. Other brands may try to copy the Tim Tam, but only Arnott's features the trademark cream mixture of vanilla, butter, and chocolate on a delicious biscuit base.

Stock up now on Australia's most popular chocolate biscuits (or "cookies," as our American friends call them). Then you, too, can try that delightful Australian custom known as the Tim Tam Slam. What, you've never heard of the Tim Tam Slam? High time you did, mate! Here's how it works:

  1. "Boil the billy." (Make a cup of tea or coffee.)
  2. Take one Arnott's Tim Tam.
  3. Bite off either end to reveal the rich, creamy center.
  4. Place one end of the Tim Tam in the cup.
  5. Now, sip your fresh brewed "cuppa" through the other end of the Tim Tam "bikkie."

Wow! That explosive flavor sensation is the Tim Tam Slam.

Did you Know!    In Australia, 1 in every 2 households contains a packet of Tim Tams and around 35 million packs are sold each year – that’s nearly 400 million biscuits! 


Here's what some of our customers have to say:

"I live in Australia so I know how good these are. I buy them for my sweetie who lives in Atlanta Georgia. She loves them. You'll win hearts with Tim Tams."

"I had heard of them from a friend who went to Australia and said they were awesome. I had to try them, and man was he right!"

"I brought these to our pub quiz night. Everyone who tried them loved them. Then I ordered all the Tim Tam varieties from your website, and they loved those, especially dark chocolate. Now every Tuesday is Tim Tam Tuesday after the quiz and during darts games."

"Great website for ordering those goodies from Down Under. In between visits, this is my go-to company. Good on ya!

ORIGINAL (11 Biscuits) US $6.57 Quantity in Cart:
DOUBLE COAT (9 Biscuits) US $6.57 Quantity in Cart:
CHEWY CARAMEL (9 Biscuits) US $6.57 2.97 (Sale - Best by March 23rd) Quantity in Cart:
CLASSIC DARK (9 Biscuits) US $6.57 Quantity in Cart:
WHITE (9 Biscuits) US $6.57 Quantity in Cart:
Messina Chocolate Mint US $6.57 Quantity in Cart:
6-PACK DOUBLE COAT (54 Biscuits) US $34.97 Quantity in Cart:
6-PACK CHEWY CARAMEL (54 Biscuits) US $34.97 16.97 (Sale - BB March 23 - Save $22.45!) Quantity in Cart:
6-PACK CLASSIC DARK (54 Biscuits) US $34.97 Quantity in Cart:
VALUE PACK (20 Original biscuits) US $11.57 Quantity in Cart:

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Arnotts Tim Tams Reviews

POH from Minneapolis, Minneapolis, USA on February 07, 2011:
Thanks for the fast shipping!! I love Tim Tam. and I purposely doing research online and order it here! Love it! Thanks!
patrick from Stamford, Stamford, USA on December 15, 2010:
I brought some Tim Tams to an Australian friend after our pub quiz night. Everyone who tried them loved them, saying they're the best cookie ever. Then I ordered all the varieties from your website, and they loved those even more, especially dark chocolate, black forest cake and double chocolate crunch. Now every Tuesday is Tim Tam Tuesday after the quiz and during darts games. The only problem was the heatwave that tended to melt the cookies together, so we chill them beforehand. When colder weather returns, we'll try to get the tim tam slam going with hot drinks. Keep getting as many different kinds as possible, we love them all.
Jes from Sunshine Coast Australia on January 28, 2010:
... Loungin around (RDO) havin a coupla TimTam Slammers... thought i'd type it in as a random google search... Cant believe TimTam slammers have a worldwide following... Cool... whats more - cant believe TimTams are still not in every shop worldwide...
Youz have got it all wrong!! The dark chocolate ones are the best!! he he he

I remember thinking it was really weird that my step brother was taking loads of packets of TimTams back to the Netherlands - when Belgian chocolates were on his doorstep... I reckon I'd take a slammer too - any day!!
Dorothy Talan-Quaid from Grass Valley, CA on August 28, 2009:
Great site to order those goodies from down under without actually going there or having them shipped from Oz or NZ. I will be bringing some of my faves back soon but, in between visits, this is my go-to company for TimTams, Ginger Beer and more. Good on ya!
Anna from Warren, MI, USA on June 23, 2009:
I love these cookies. Tried them while on holiday in Australia and brought back a dozen packages. I am so happy that I can buy them online! Yeah!