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Arnotts Tim Tams
ORIGINAL (11 Biscuits)  DOUBLE COAT (9 Biscuits)  CHEWY CARAMEL (9 Biscuits)  CLASSIC DARK (9 Biscuits)  Messina Coconut Lychee (New)  Messina Salted Caramel Vanilla (New)  Messina Chocolate Mint (New)  Messina Black Forest (New)  WHITE (9 Biscuits)  6-PACK WHITE (54 Biscuits)  6-PACK CHEWY CARAMEL (54 Biscuits)  6-PACK ORIGINAL Tim Tams (66 Biscuits)  VALUE PACK (20 Original biscuits)  6-PACK SALTED CARAMEL & VANILLA (54 Biscuits) 

Looking for authentic Tim Tam biscuits? At Simply Oz, we've got the genuine article - the original Arnott's brand, imported direct from Australia.

Accept no substitutes. Other brands may try to copy the Tim Tam, but only Arnott's features the trademark cream mixture of vanilla, butter, and chocolate on a delicious biscuit base.

Stock up now on Australia's most popular chocolate biscuits (or "cookies," as our American friends call them). Then you, too, can try that delightful Australian custom known as the Tim Tam Slam. What, you've never heard of the Tim Tam Slam? High time you did, mate! Here's how it works:

  1. "Boil the billy." (Make a cup of tea or coffee.)
  2. Take one Arnott's Tim Tam.
  3. Bite off either end to reveal the rich, creamy center.
  4. Place one end of the Tim Tam in the cup.
  5. Now, sip your fresh brewed "cuppa" through the other end of the Tim Tam "bikkie."

Wow! That explosive flavor sensation is the Tim Tam Slam.

Did you Know!    In Australia, 1 in every 2 households contains a packet of Tim Tams and around 35 million packs are sold each year – that’s nearly 400 million biscuits! 


Here's what some of our customers have to say:

"I live in Australia so I know how good these are. I buy them for my sweetie who lives in Atlanta Georgia. She loves them. You'll win hearts with Tim Tams."

"I had heard of them from a friend who went to Australia and said they were awesome. I had to try them, and man was he right!"

"I brought these to our pub quiz night. Everyone who tried them loved them. Then I ordered all the Tim Tam varieties from your website, and they loved those, especially dark chocolate. Now every Tuesday is Tim Tam Tuesday after the quiz and during darts games."

"Great website for ordering those goodies from Down Under. In between visits, this is my go-to company. Good on ya!

ORIGINAL (11 Biscuits) US $6.57 Quantity in Cart:
DOUBLE COAT (9 Biscuits) US $6.57 Quantity in Cart:
CHEWY CARAMEL (9 Biscuits) US $6.57 Quantity in Cart:
CLASSIC DARK (9 Biscuits) US $6.57 Quantity in Cart:
WHITE (9 Biscuits) US $6.57 Quantity in Cart:
Messina Coconut Lychee (New) — Out of Stock, notify me. US $6.57
Messina Salted Caramel Vanilla (New) US $6.57 Quantity in Cart:
Messina Chocolate Mint (New) — Out of Stock, notify me. US $6.57
Messina Black Forest (New) US $6.57 Quantity in Cart:
6-PACK WHITE (54 Biscuits) US $34.97 Quantity in Cart:
6-PACK DOUBLE COAT (54 Biscuits) US $34.97 Quantity in Cart:
6-PACK CHEWY CARAMEL (54 Biscuits) US $34.97 22.97 (Sale - Blowout! BB May 17) Quantity in Cart:
6-PACK CLASSIC DARK (54 Biscuits) US $34.97 22.97 (Sale - Blowout! BB May 26) Quantity in Cart:
6-PACK ORIGINAL Tim Tams (66 Biscuits) US $34.97 Quantity in Cart:
VALUE PACK (20 Original biscuits) — Out of Stock, notify me. US $11.57
6-PACK SALTED CARAMEL & VANILLA (54 Biscuits) US $34.97 29.97 (Sale - Over Stock Sale - Best By Day July 15th) Quantity in Cart:

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Arnotts Tim Tams Reviews

Noelle from Florida on April 19, 2009:
I visited Australia in 2003 and fell in love with some of the unique foods, including Tim Tams, Shapes - Chicken Crimpys, and Nutri-Grain cereal. I love ordering these and other foods that I had while on my wonderful vacation. It is a fabulous way of having a little bit of Australia without the 16 hour plane ride to get there! I have never had any problems with this company either - I recommend it! Thanks!
Victoria from seattle on February 02, 2009:
I would recommend tim tams to anyone, great as gifts and they are so good.
Veronica from California, USA on January 04, 2009:
In 2000 I went to Cairns to be with the love of my life. He has since passed away, but Tim Tams remain a memory of him. My favourite was the mocha flavour, but hey. Chocolate does this California girl right. Amazing biscuits. In a class by themselves!
jérémy from french on October 06, 2008:
hello I am French and I have just ordered tim tam for me to taste om my speech of these marvellous cakes that friends left travels from there in autralies which one to speak about that as what that was a delicious and sorry cake for my text I does that on translator
Christina Becker from Newfield, NY on October 21, 2007:
I first fell in love with Tim Tams when I was with my now ex. He's originally from Sydney, Australia and while we were together he got me addicted to the Milk Chocolate Tim Tams- which is currently out of stock right now:(, but that's ok I see that there's a few new Tim Tams that I'll be ordering in a few. I love Tim Tams with Hot Cocoa. It's a fun but messy way to eat them. Tim Tam slams gotta love it.