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Cottee's Cordial

Now available ONLY at Aussie Food Express. Click the blue link below:
  • Cottee's Cordials at
    • Cottee's makes Australia's favourite cordial. No artificial colours or flavours. Contains 50% fruit Juice.

      The new double concentrate bottles allows you to use half as much to make the same amount of delicious Cottee's as the standard 2L cordials.  The beauty of cordial is that you can mix it to your own taste, however we recommend mixing 1 part Cottee's to 9 parts water.

      We sell this concentrated version of Cottee's cordials to reduce liquid weight, hence shipping and handling charges. 

      Also try Cottee's Chocolate Topping,  great for chocolate drinks, Mocha Latte Coffee drinks and on ice cream.

RASPBERRY (1 Litre) — Go To US $0.00
COOLA (1 Litre) — Go To US $0.00
LEMON (1 Litre) — Go To US $0.00

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Cottee's Cordial Reviews

Tammy from Surprise, Surprise, USA on October 15, 2012:
It's so nice to have an ice cold glass of cordial :) I simply forgot how good it tastes, and thanks to "Simply Oz" I can sit back and enjoy it. "Simply Oz" is the best place to shop for all the things that are Australian :).