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Secure Connection Arnotts Tim Tams

Full Tim Tam Range now available ONLY at Aussie Food Express. Click the blue link below:
  • Arnott's Original Tim Tam at
    • Looking for authentic Tim Tam biscuits? At Simply Oz, we've got the genuine article - the original Arnott's brand, imported direct from Australia.

      Accept no substitutes. Other brands may try to copy the Tim Tam, but only Arnott's features the trademark cream mixture of vanilla, butter, and chocolate on a delicious biscuit base.

      Stock up now on Australia's most popular chocolate biscuits (or "cookies," as our American friends call them). Then you, too, can try that delightful Australian custom known as the Tim Tam Slam.

ORIGINAL (11 Biscuits) — Go To US $0.00

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Arnotts Tim Tams Reviews

Stephen from Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA on April 20, 2016:
Friends from Australian roller derby teams brought us Tim Tams when they came to the US, and got us hooked on both Tim Tams and the "Tim Tam Slam". We used to have to wait until their next visit, until we discovered Simply Oz. Simply Oz also turned us on to the caramel Tim Tams, and we love those too.

Now, the morning coffee is not the same without a "slam" (bite off the ends and suck the coffee through a cold refrigerated Tim Tam like a straw). Thank you Simply Oz!
Roger on January 07, 2016:
Wow! Tim Tams are the absolute best cookie/biscuit I have ever encountered, barring anything my wife baked at home. Love you Sweetheart. A business friend gave me a package of these for Christmas, and it was one of the best gifts I've received in a long time. I can only describe these as the perfect marriage of chocolate, cream and a crunchy center. This is the standard by which all others should be measured.
gabby from West Sacramento, West Sacramento, USA on June 06, 2013:
I don't know why the original recipe for GS thin mints had to change but lucky for me the Dark Mint Tim Tams are even better than thin mints! I am waiting for you guys to get them back in stock as I'm definitely feeling the lack. Thank goodnesss the rum raison is still available AND ON SALE NO LESS!!!! =) Just stocked up on those babies last night. FABULOUS! The states don't know nothin' about a good quality bisquit! And don't be fooled the peppridge farm version sold here in the states proves to be a staggering dissapointment. Pay a bit more and get the real deal. It's worth it. You won't be sorry.
Michael from Atlanta, Atlanta, USA on May 31, 2012:
I live in Australia so I know how good these are. I however buy them for my sweetie who lives in Atlanta Georgia. She loves them. You cannot fail to win hearts with Tim Tams
Mitchel from Searcy, Searcy, USA on December 22, 2011:
I love Arnott's TimTam biscuits!They are a very delicious chocolate biscuit.I had hurd of them from a person I know who went to Australia and said they were awsome.So,of cource I had to try them,and man was he right!