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Secure Connection Arnotts Chocolate Scotch Finger

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    • Arnott's Scotch Finger is the most popular plain sweet biscuit in Australia. Australians enjoy around 180 million Scotch Fingers each year and this figure is continuing to grow. Scotch Finger is also one of Arnott's oldest biscuits. It was introduced in 1906, as 'Kiel Finger', the German word for a ships keel. This referred to Arnott's early business of providing long-life dry biscuits for ships sailing from Newcastle. The name was then changed prior to the outbreak of World War 1, with the rise of Australian patriotism. The current biscuit has changed little from William Arnott's original recipe, which he brought with him from Scotland when he emigrated in 1847. Scotch Finger has traditionally been considered the biscuit to have with a 'cuppa' and is ideal to break and dunk. The biscuit has a lovely melt-in-the-mouth texture, which is the result of our bakers using a combination of butter, eggs, condensed milk and a special soft flour. In 1993 Arnott's introduced Scotch Finger Chocolate, a traditional Scotch Finger biscuit half-coated with milk chocolate - a real treat. The latest spicy addition to the Scotch Finger range is Scotch Finger with Apple & Cinnamon.

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