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Secure Connection Allens Red Skins

Allens Red Skins
Individual Size 12.5g 
Redskins are a raspberry-flavoured chewy confectionery manufactured in New Zealand by Nestl under their Allen's brand. The confectionery is sold as elongated bars which are individually twist-wrapped in paper, weighing approximately 12 grams each.

Individual Size 12.5g US $0.77 Quantity in Cart:
XL 800g Bag (64 pieces) US $29.97 Quantity in Cart:
24-PACK (24 x 12.5g) US $17.97 7.97 (Sale - Red Skin Sale!) Quantity in Cart:
12-PACK (12 x 12.5g) US $8.97 4.97 (Sale - Red Skin Sale!) Quantity in Cart:

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