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Allens Jaffas

Now available ONLY at Aussie Food Express. Click the blue link below:
  • Allen's Jaffas at
    • Jaffas are a small round sweet consisting of a soft chocolate centre with a hard covering of orange flavoured, orange coloured confectionery. The name derives from the Jaffa orange. This sweet is part of Australian and New Zealand cultural folklore.

Size 120g — Go To US $0.00

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Allens Jaffas Reviews

Emily from Woodstock, Woodstock, USA on May 01, 2012:
wow! I dont know what I would do without my supply of Jaffas. My mum is australian and we spent alot of time in sydney , growing up. They are really delicious and I am kind of addicted to them. They are chocolate on the inside with an orange covering on the outside. Try them, You will love them.