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Secure Connection Cadbury Freddo Frogs

Individually Wrapped!

Today Freddo is Australia's most popular children's chocolate and is available in a number of delicious flavours. Also available in a Share Pack.

More on Freddo: 

The Freddo Frog is an iconic children's chocolate and is currently manufactured by Cadbury.  It was invented in 1930 by Harry Melbourne, an 18 year old moulder, employed by MacRobertson's Chocolates.  Each chocolate is shaped like a cartoon frog, standing up and dressed.  

STRAWBERRY (15g) US $1.17 Quantity in Cart:
DARY MILK - Milky Top (15g) US $1.17 Quantity in Cart:
DAIRY MILK (15g) US $1.17 Quantity in Cart:

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Cadbury Freddo Frogs Reviews

Diana from Wisconsin on March 02, 2007:
What happen to my favourite chocolate 'Snack' I love this chocolate and so does my family here in America, are you going to bring it back?
Tameka from Portland, OR on February 24, 2007:
It was a very good day when I discovered this store. My family moved over to Oregon from Tasmania 6 years ago and have been struggling without the Aussie chockies.