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Cadbury Cherry Ripe Candy Bar

Now available ONLY at Aussie Food Express. Click the blue link below:
  • Cadbury Cherry Ripe Bars at
    • If you've traveled to Australia, you know about the wildly popular Cadbury's Cherry Ripe. If you have yet to discover it, prepare for a delicious surprise that's sure to become a favorite. This candy sensation combines ripe, juicy cherries with moist coconut, and then covers them in rich Cadbury's "Old Gold" dark chocolate. The result is Australia's most loved chocolate bar.

      Order some for yourself and give them as gifts. Do you have an Aussie friend or coworker? Surprise them with a gift of Cherry Ripe and watch their eyes twinkle like the lights of Sydney Harbor! It's the taste of home that's fast becoming a favorite around the world.

      Here's what our customers has to say:

      "My Aussie husband loves these! He likes other chocolates from around the world, but nothing makes him happier than this."

      "The Cherry Ripe is heaven, pure heaven!"

52g Single Bar — Go To US $0.00

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Cadbury Cherry Ripe Candy Bar Reviews

Valerie from Cedar City, Cedar City, USA on June 01, 2018:
Can beat a cherry ripe cherries and coconut raped in dark chocolate. Yum
Cynthia on April 26, 2012:
Heaven! Pure Heaven (:
Judith from El Verano, El Verano, USA on April 10, 2011:
My Aussie husband loves Cherry Ripes! He likes other chocolates from around the world, but nothing makes his happier than his Cherry Ripe.