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Michael Banerdt from Sugar Land, TX, United States on August 15, 2016:

Great site !! Keep up the good work !!

Kathy from Parkersburg, WV, USA on June 27, 2016:

I just returned from a visit to Australia and I sampled meat pies from 3 different locations. I enjoyed them all but I must say that yours are the best. Kudos to your baker and thanks for making authentic meat pies available to us Yanks!

Carole Swansbra from Pittsburgh, PA, United States on June 15, 2016:

My Australian husband was so surprised and happy when your package arrived. When we lived in Australia, he would have Vegiemite every morning, and Wheetbix for breakfast. That ended in 1996 when I brought him to America to the city where I was born. Thank you for your wonderful website that I can now regularly buy the things he has loved to eat most of his life.

mike smith from Arlington, TX, USA on June 08, 2016:

The first time I had the Cadbury Dark chocolate was in Singapore. When I got back to the U.S. I could not find it in the Dallas area. I searched online and Simply Australian was the only place online within the U.S.that had it. I am so thankful for this website. Now I can share this with my family and friends that love this dark chocolate.

Filippo Arcidiacono from Los Angeles, CA, USA on April 06, 2016:

I can't believe that Americans haven't eaten tim tams. Thank you for being there.

Judith Handman-Harradine from Beverly Hills, CA, USA on April 05, 2016:

If you've ever had a Balfour meat pie (my favorite), these are the closest to authentic SA pies that we've had in searching for 20 years. These are a bit spicier and I love that!! We bought 24 and they arrived about a week ago (faster than Amazon which I didn't think was possible). They were frozen solid - another close to impossible as they were delivered to our Palm Springs home (hot isn't even close to describing it). We've eaten them 4 days running and I have another 4 thawing for tonight. Bottom line - these pies have given us back a bit of real Australia!!

Joseph Russell from Placentia, CA, USA on March 18, 2016:

Excellent products, delivery time, and customer service!

Tracy from Port Charlotte, FL, USA on March 04, 2016:

Hello and I just wanted to write and say thank-you for the wonderful chicken salts...I am known for my fried chicken for all family and social parties for our church and since I can not find what I use to use I stated with this seasoning and it was a BIG just to let you know I will be using 2 just in the month of march for 2 different parties...thanks for such a great products...Tracy Toman
Port Charlotte, FL

LB Johnson from Chicago area, USA on February 17, 2016:

I grew up on the West Coast of the US, but my adopted Grandparents were from Australia and I grew up with Tim Tams and other Australian treats. I was so happy to find your online store to order some childhood memories. My products arrived so quickly, fresh and wrapped extremely well for safe shipping. My husband, whose company has a large manufacturing plant in Australia had NEVER tried them on his visits there (engineers - they tend to get focused on things other than biscuits). Well, you now have TWO customers for life. LB Johnson - best selling author and Tim Tam lover

Amy Richmund from Camby, IN, US on February 15, 2016:

Since I married an Australian, I love using this site to order some of his favorite treats from his home! So far my orders and experiences have been great!

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