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Ross from Claremont, CA, USA on August 14, 2015:

Everything I ordering arrived neatly wrapped and in great condition. Thank you Simply Oz for making it possible to get all the treats I use to get back home. Keep up the great work! Will do business again.

Susan Stone from Vergas, MN, USA on July 24, 2015:

Daughter visited Australia a few years ago and brought back Tim Tams. Love being able to buy them again! To die for!

David Jones from Galloway, OH, USA on June 25, 2015:

I'm an Australian here in Columbus, Ohio sincere thanks to Simply Australian for our Aussie food, I couldn't do with Vegemite, LOVE IT, and the yanks hate it..hahahaahah

Dale Skoda from Westlake, OH, USA on June 10, 2015:

Being an Australian here in Ohio I find that I miss my food dearly that I grew up with back in Adelaide. With rising shipping costs if you order through eBay etc I needed to find out someone closer. Turns out Simply Australian is right in my state!

I have ordered Vegemite biscuits Nescafé blend 43 you name it they have had it to me promptly. I just ordered my meat pies and sausage rolls and I cannot wait to have them again after 8 years. Thank you Simply Oz!!!

Denise Gerard from Cumming, GA, USA on May 29, 2015:

Thank you for having all our goodys! When are you getting in the new Cadbury veggiemite chocholate in! xo

Patrick M Grennan from Claremore, OK, USA on May 22, 2015:

Those delicious tim-tams made the CBS talk show The View today,21May.Was unable to hear it, but there were smiles and head nods.
Don't lose that connection. Pat

Donald D. Duncan from Signal Mountain, TN, USA on May 18, 2015:

I am touring Australia through (starting with Cadbury Cherry Ripe bars). The best candy bar I've eaten - Coconut, Cherry, & Chocolate is a great taste combination.

Lenore A. Villa from Princeton, NJ, USA on May 13, 2015:

Box arrived today. Already hit the Violet Crumble and they are PERFECT! Exactly as I remembered them and shipped with a glacier pack so no 'cosmetic' problems if I can bear to share and give 1 or 2 pieces away.
The passion fruit cans were intact and I am saving them for when I make my cheesecakes. It is so great to have them on hand for my baking projects.
Thanks so much. A totally awesome site!!!

Rheana Nation from Chevy Chase, MD, USA on May 10, 2015:

As we scooped the last of the milo in to the glass, a buzz is heard at the front door and would you believe our amazing box of goodies arrived from Simply Australia. The service once again amazing!

Annie from Baltimore, MD, USA on May 07, 2015:

After feeling somewhat culturally 'marooned' in the USA, it was a great joy and relief to find Simply Australian. Having struggled to make my own 'Australian' meat pies, there they were: delivered fast, in cooled and insulated boxes, on my doorstep. And Promite, Weetbix, Hot English Mustard, crumpets, Shapes, Napisan and many more Australian necessities of life, otherwise impossible to find here in the USA.

Not least of all, there's their unbeatable, fast, friendly and personal customer service. What can I say? I love you guys!

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