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Sheila Vaidya from Princeton Junction, NJ, USA on March 10, 2017:

Got meat pies and sausage rolls especially for my daughter since we lived in australia for 13 years! Loved loved them. Great customer service. Am ready to order lots of other Aussie stuff!!

Greg Waugh from Milford, PA, USA on March 01, 2017:

My Dad (93 years old and an Aussie in the US for a long time) loves the meat pies. It brings him back 'home' and it gets him reminiscing about growing up in Sydney back in the 30's and 40's.

We all appreciate you quality products, quick and friendly service, and I (and our cats) really like Vegemite! Be back soon!

Marcia S Lanting from Matteson, IL, United States on February 15, 2017:

We were lucky enough to spend a month in Australia and were introduced to
Tim Tam cookies and were thrilled to find your site. Great service and we think of Port Douglas with every bite!

Chelsea Long from Valley Lee, MD, USA on February 03, 2017:

Love this website! Great products and fast shipping. I can't live without my Vegemite and other Aussie products; you guys are the best! :)

Luis Leston from Rockford, IL, USA on January 28, 2017:

Hi Mates,

I went to your beautiful country on last December since my sister in law lives there since 8 10 years ago. It was my first time down under... While at their home they introduced me to this amazing cereal the aussies are accustomed to grow with. It was immediately that I got hooked up to it. Now I can't live without it.

Thanks for having it here in the US. I just wish that we could have the same type of products in this country. Itis so healthy and Natural that you can't find it :)

Kelly aka Kiwi McConnell from North Bend on January 26, 2017:

Such quick service! You keep my family and I happy with a taste of home. I've been a customer for years and will continue to be a loyal one. Thanks muchly!

Suzanne Silver from West Mansfield, OH, United States on January 21, 2017:

I love this site!!!!

Thank you for making sure that my favourites are available in the US. Could not cope without you! :)

Gary Adamson from Lake Geneva, WI, USA on December 21, 2016:

I grew up with vegemite. My mum and I came from Auckland New Zealand.

Jeffrey A Gazal from Boca Raton, FL, USA on December 16, 2016:

Love the Violet crumble bar and Fantails

Kerani from Seattle, WA, USA on December 11, 2016:

I took my Granddaughter to Australia for 2 months last summer. She fell in love with everything she ate and now insists I keep a good supply of products in the refrigerator and pantry at all times. Meat Pies & Sausage Rolls right at our figure tips - YUM! Biscuits, chocolates (let's face it, Australian chocolate just tastes better), lollies, and the holy grail - Weet-Bix. Simply Oz service & personnel are wonderful - friendly, swift responses to enquirers. Orders are packaged with care & arrive complete (I only wish postage was more reasonable). Thank you Simply Australian and please do keep adding to your inventory.

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