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Secure Connection Bamboo Souvenir Didgeridoo

Handmade bamboo. Styles may vary from picture.
Decorated by Aboriginal craftsmen.

Playing the Didgeridoo: By placing the right or left side of your mouth firmly down the centre of the mouth piece and blowing a gentle raspberry down into the didgeridoo, you should get a low gentle sound. If the sound is high, you have your lips too tight. By opening and closing the chamber of your mouth and moving your lips slightly, the player can change the tone of the didgeridoo.


Bamboo Didgeridoo (16 inches) US $24.97 Quantity in Cart:
Bamboo Didgeridoo (28 Inches) US $34.97 Quantity in Cart:
Bamboo Didgeridoo (40 inches) US $49.97 Quantity in Cart:

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