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Secure Connection John Williamson - JW's Family Album

John Williamson - JW's Family Album

16 Tracks; 44:36 min.

Track Listing:
  1. Christmas Photo
  2. Camel Train to Yamba
  3. Teach Me to Drive, Dad
  4. Just a Dog
  5. The Flight of the Blowfly
  6. Goodbye Blinky Bill
  7. Crocodile Roll
  8. On My Ukelele
  9. Big Bad Banksia Man
  10. Old Man Emu
  11. Koala Koala
  12. My Dad Snores
  13. Old Sow
  14. When We Were Kids
  15. A Proud Man
  16. Home Among the Gum Trees

John Williamson - JW's Family Album US $19.95

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John Williamson - JW's Family Album Reviews

Matthew Rooney from Belfast, Northern Ireland. on July 15, 2003:
It is simply a fantastic album. My family bought it years ago when on holiday in Australia. My personal favourite is Old Man Emu. It's a really good album which I suggest you buy now! Something for Australia to be proud of ;)