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Kayleene E Lehman from Kansas City, KS on December 22, 2012:

I've ordered a few times in '03 but i was getting a catalog until this year cuz they are now simply oz i miss the xmas candy stockings but thats ok i've been in the united states 30yrs I'm from Perth,West Australia and boy do i miss my vegemite and lollies and crunchies etc.. i've got my grandson hooked on our candy now and i'll be back for you guys THANK YOU & MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Sue Fennell-Ivas from Pittsfield, MA, USA on December 13, 2012:

Love it! Love it! Fantales; Vegemite; violet crumble bars.

all taste like home! thanks!!!

Heather Brisco from Nashville, MI, USA on December 13, 2012:

Since I've been in Australia for years I love sending Aussie foods to my American Family back home! Thanks for making it possible to do so -especially at christmas time!

Gary Weeter from Hot Springs Village, AR, USA on December 12, 2012:

I've been drinking "Billy Tea" since I traveled to Australia in 2007. It's the best tasting tea you can none. Don't fall for that Chinese and English stuff.....real tea is Billy Tea Mates!

Gary Weeter, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, USA

M. Elizabeth Bryson from Fort Washington, PA, USA on December 11, 2012:

Just here to get my favorite bits of OZ - Vegemite and TimTams!! A fellow grad student from Brisbane introduced me to Vegemite in 1979 and I have eaten it happily ever since. A Yank who loves Vegemite - can't be the only one - especially with softboiled eggs! And TimTams....what can I say? The very best biccie ever. I'll get to Down Under one day, I know I will.

barbara snyder from Steinhatchee, FL, USA on December 09, 2012:

I have been buying from you since we came back from visiting my relatives in Australia in 1989.Everything is just the same.Will continue to buy my tea from you as always.

Thank You
Barbara Snyder

maia from orlando, florida on December 08, 2012:

I love the Australian foods and especially the cadbury chocolate.

Erika Humphreys from Harrisonburg, VA, USA on December 06, 2012:

SUPER servcie!! I ordered on Tuesday afternoon, and the package just arrived today! Everything in great shape and packaged well. I recommend anyone looking for hard to find items, use Simply Australian....they are AMAZING!!

Demetria Claytor from Winchester, VA, USA on December 04, 2012:

The long oilskin duster that I ordered for my husband got here in THREE days! Also, I think it's going to take surgery to get it off of him!! He loves it, and I'm thrilled. The lapel pins and car stickers that I got along with it are fantastic as well. I'm very happy, and am getting ready to place another order!

Jim from Paramus, NJ, USA on December 04, 2012:

I got my 2 jars of vegemite yesterday. That was fast!
Thank you very much!
- Jim

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