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GEORGE OTT from Tooele, UT, USA on October 28, 2013:

Rossi Boots...what is there to say. Going on 45 years in the commercial HVAC industry. Climbing man ladders, toughing out long hours on icy roofs, working deep in hot boiler rooms, always on my feet, hauling tools and equipment.
I have worn Cats, RedWings, Timberland, Wolverings..these boots killed my feet, never could get comfortable, and just plain toiled to get them on in the mornings and off in the evenings. Friend was on Mormon mission in Australia and was wearing these funny boots, but swore by them after twenty straight years of wearing them.
Purchased my first pair in laces, slip on Chelsea style, steel toe...fell in love. Most longest lasting comfortable shoe I have and will ever own. First pair lasted nearly four years of brutal abusive daily grinding work. Purchased second exact pair in 2008, and now I am back here in near the end of 2013 buying my third pair.

Only downfall is after about three years the stitching along the back heel will start to come apart and if not remedied, the boot will ultimately fail. I drop by my local upholstery shop and Jose there will re-stitch them and I am back off to the races until the sole finally grows a hole. For some reason always on my right foot...left boot is still perfect.

Love Rossi Boots and thank you, Simply Australia, for making them readily available, competitively priced, and FREE Shipping.

Lynn Moore from Golden, CO, USA on October 25, 2013:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Smith's salt and vinegar chips! They take me back to my many wonderful visits to Australia. Please keep them in stock so that I can feed my S &V habit!

Bruce from Gettysburg, SD, USA on October 23, 2013:

Ordered some vegemite from you guys for the first time the service was brilliant dispatched very quick and here before time.. Will buy many more items from you in the future.
Thanks again

cynde chatham from Spokane, WA, USA on October 18, 2013:

Arnott's Full of Fruits! Sultana biscuits but better.

Betty Matusik from Milwaukee, WI, USA on October 10, 2013:

Fair Dinkum.....Your the best.....mum loves the Vegemite,"Its an acquired taste....thanks for making her holidays and birthdays SPECIAL...
Thanks MATE

Wendy Bukowski from Erie, PA, USA on September 26, 2013:

Love the access of Aussie food in USA. The best part is how quickly it is sent. Thanks Simply Australian.

Mark Axel from Buffalo Grove, IL, USA on September 26, 2013:

*so* nice to have reliable access to vegemite! (and timtams)

H Felber from Minneapolis, MN, USA on September 18, 2013:

It is so nice to have access to Australian treats here in the U.S. Tim Tams are some of the best "ambassadors". My friends love them!

Wendy Yee from Powell, OH, USA on September 13, 2013:

Bought Monte Carlo, Custard Cream and Scotch Finger Arnott biscuits today. Fast service, and excellent packaging (thanks Carol and Cindy) meant the biscuits arrived in great condition. Love all Arnotts biscuits!

Deanna Posoa from Fort Bragg, North Carolina USA on September 13, 2013:

This is seriously so delicious especially with some warm milk or coffee! The packaging is great and the shipping is fast! I ordered through 3 times and i will be ordering again soon!

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