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Secure Connection SimplyOz Blog: RUDD coupon sparks unintended flame

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 • News

We apologize if our coupon offended you.

On February 16th, Simply Australian launched a promotional email with the coupon code RUDD. Unfortunately, this sparked an unintended flame. We apologize if you were offended in any way. We chose RUDD as our coupon code because it's an easy-to-remember, one-syllable word. And last year, HAWKE was a very successful coupon code for us, so we followed suit. We recognize that Julia Gillard is the current Prime Minister of Australia, and we regret that our simple promotional message was misinterpreted by some. In our letter at the bottom of the email, we noted that Kevin Rudd is a former Prime Minister of Australia ... not the current PM. Not everyone saw this part of our message. Regardless, we thank you for your spirited comments and will stay away from political figures as coupon codes in the future. If we offended you in any way, we hope you can forgive us. Cheers, Simply Australian

P.S. RUDD is still our coupon code for $5.00 Off any order through Sunday, March 4th.
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