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Saturday, February 16, 2013 • News

CINCINNATI – Hoping to fill a growing demand for authentic candy, meat pies and other imported cuisine, Simply Australian is making a big push to offer more food items to Aussies living in the United States.

The Web-based company has added some 24 new sauces, condiments, soft drinks, cereals and other items to its inventory, now providing nearly 400 food products at

The company's move is being driven by consumer demand, spurred largely by recent requests from expat Australian women living in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, Houston and Miami.

Simply Australian Owner Dave Nichols says those women are searching for tastes from home that can’t easily be found here in the US.

Some new items include authentic Australian Meat Pies and Sausage Rolls, Continental Chicken Tonight, Continental Cook-In-Bag Honey Mustard Chicken, V Guarana Energy Drink, Fletchers Sweet Pickled Onions and Leggos Bolognese Chunky Pasta Sauce. They join top-sellers that include Arnott's Tim Tam cookies and Nestle’s Violet Crumble and Cadbury Cherry Ripe chocolate candy bars to name a few.

Many food additions came after Nichols acquired the inventory of a primary rival who decided in December 2011 to exit the business. Simply Australian realized an immediate and noticeable increase in phone calls, web traffic and orders after completing the deal.

"These new customers have helped us grow faster than we had originally planned, allowing us to experiment with new and different items," Nichols says.

Most of Nichols' 50,000-plus customers are Australian natives living in the U.S. or Americans who have traveled to Australia and want to enjoy the country's products here.

When Simply Australian adds a new item to its web site, Nichols says his firm pays close attention to sales velocity and how quickly customers order or don't order the product. He said new items are usually featured in company e-mail campaigns, and often offered at discounted pricing to motivate trial.

Nichols is confident that continued expansion will help boost revenue and enhance his Simply Australian’s brand. Interestingly, the firm's website stems from Australians often referring to their home country as Oz.

"New food products help us become even more relevant to the customers we already have, and also make us more surprising to the customers who are just finding out about us," Nichols says.

In addition to food, Simply Australian sells more than 100 other items ranging from T-shirts to Australian clothing and luggage to kangaroo leather hats . The average order is $75, but can range from a $7 for a jar of Vegemite spread to $160 for a pair of Australian boots.

A longtime entrepreneur, Nichols acquired Simply Australian Inc. in June 2010 and moved the business from Rainier, Washington to Cincinnati, Ohio. He says the company’s central location in the heart of the United States allows it to ship product to 80% of the nation in two days.

Simply Australian has been importing top-quality Australian products to the American marketplace since 1993. It is the “go to” store in the U.S. for Aussies who want authentic meat pies and sausage rolls, Arnott’s Tim Tam cookies, Kraft Vegemite spread, and many other down under favorites.

For more information on Simply Australian, visit

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