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Secure Connection 12 Cu Ft Car Top Luggage Carrier - WATERPROOF

12 Cu Ft Car Top Luggage Carrier - WATERPROOF

Dimensions:  38" L x 34" W x 14-19" H

Capacity:  12 CU FT


The Sport 1 Car Top Luggage Carrier is aerodynamically designed to cut the wind (14" high in front and 19" in back) which saves $$$ at the gas pump.  The luggage carrier is constructed of PVC Mesh (nylon reinforced PVC) and Hydrotuff Material (PVC-backed polyester), and is also UV resistant.  The ZipRight zipper unzips 3/4 of the way around the car carrier to provide an easy loading opening.

This carrier is designed to be used on vehicles WITH or WITHOUT roof racks


Attach the Sport 1 Carrier in one of 3 ways:

1.  Roof Rack - If using the roof top carrier on a vehicle with a roof rack, attach the straps between the roof rack cross bars, side rails, or both.

2.  Through the Vehicle - If using the roof top carrier on a vehicle withour a roof rack, run the straps over the car roof carrier, throught the o[\pen vehicle door, across the inside roof,  and around to the other side.

3. Car Clips - If using the carrier on a vehicle without a roof rack, use the Righline Gear Car Clips (purchased separately) to strap over the rooftop carrier and clip onto an available ledge (in most cases, under the weather stripping) inside the vehicle's door frame.


  • Attaches through the car, with Car Clips (sold separately) and to roof racks
  • Aerodynamically designed to save $$$ on gas
  • Designed for wagons, crossovers, and sedans with or without a rood rack (will also fit larger vehicles)
  • ZipRight Syterm, urethane coated zipper and Dual Seam Technology
  • Constructed of PVC Mesh (nylon re-enforced PVC) and Hydrotuff material (PVC-backed polyester)
  • UV Resistant
  • Includes: car top carrier, (4) nylon straps, stuff sack, and complete setup guide

12 Cu Ft Car Top Luggage Carrier - WATERPROOF US $104.97 39.97 (Sale - Clearance SALE!) Quantity in Cart:

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