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Madura GREEN Tea
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50 Bags - Green Tea  20 Wrapped Bags - Green Tea with PAPAYA  20 Wrapped Bags - Green Tea with JASMINE   100 Bags - Green Tea  LOOSE Green Tea (200g) 


The Madura Story

Madura is Tamil for ‘Paradise’, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at our Tweed Valley plantation.

Our little piece of paradise comprises in part, 250,000 tea bushes, nestled in a region of pristine rainforests, streams and rivers on the outskirts of Murwillumbah in northern New South Wales. It is here - at Australia’s only sub-tropical tea plantation – that we grow, blend and pack Australia’s leading range of exquisite specialty teas.

The Madura estate was established in 1978 by a third-generation tea planter from Ceylon, Michael Grant-Cook, and his wife Norma. From the outset, Mike’s vision was to blend his own tea with premium teas from around the world to produce a unique brew unrivalled in flavour and aroma. He chose the Tweed Valley for its ideal climactic conditions and geographical resemblance to Assam in north east India - the home for thousands of years of one of the unique species of tea.

Michael’s business philosophy was simple: All product development, tasting, grading, blending and packing must be done on the estate to ensure quality from plantation to cup.


The Madura Promise

Madura is committed to producing pure, healthy tea that is bursting with flavour and is naturally low in caffeine.

Madura is committed to independently testing its teas for purity.

Madura is committed to ethical and sustainable tea production whether on its own estate or on estates with which Madura trades. We believe that sustainable business is good business.

Madura is committed to protect and preserve our precious ecosystem and in the process, create a future for the generations to come.

As Madura will not compromise quality, we guarantee our teas and their freshness from our plantation to your cup.

50 Bags - Green Tea US $12.97 Quantity in Cart:
20 Wrapped Bags - Green Tea with PAPAYA US $7.97 Quantity in Cart:
20 Wrapped Bags - Green Tea with JASMINE US $7.97 Quantity in Cart:
100 Bags - Green Tea — Out of Stock, notify me. US $20.97
LOOSE Green Tea (200g) US $11.97 Quantity in Cart:

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Madura GREEN Tea Reviews

Marianne from Winston Salem, Winston Salem, USA on February 25, 2016:
Madura Green tea is a completely smooth green tea. Know that you should place the tea in water that has been slightly cooled after being boiled. Then, to enjoy the optimal flavor, try not to steep longer than 4 minutes. I love Madura Green tea, and its low tannins. It is so healthy for you!
Marcay from Goshen, Goshen, USA on January 17, 2011:
I feel that Madura Green Tea is really a connoisseur product! I recently tried a box of the Madura Green Tea with Jasmine, and I'm now buying it: The wonderful scent is worth a bit more money! I've tried several other green teas, and this brand tops them all!