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Secure Connection Lollies/Gum

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7 products in this category.
Life Savers Life Savers

Life Savers (34gm)

AUD 3.95 - More...
Wonka Redskins singles Wonka Redskins singles

Wonka Redskins singles

AUD 1.69 - More...
Nestle's Butter Menthol Nestle's Butter Menthol

Nestles Butter Menthol

AUD 5.28 - Honey Center (10 Count), Medicated Throat Lozenges (10 Count), Honey & Lemon Liquid Centres (10 Lozenges)
AUD 7.94 - Medicated Throat Lozenges (20 Count)
- More...
Allens Throaties Allens Throaties

Throaties, For temporary relief of coughs and minor throat irrations.

AUD 4.75 - Small (10 Count) - Hard
AUD 5.68 - Large (23 Count) - Chewy
- More...
Allens Soothers Allens Soothers


AUD 4.99 - More...
Wrigleys PK gum Wrigleys PK gum

P.K. ® has been delivering long lasting fresh breath for over 80 year.

AUD 3.29 - More...
Allens ANTICOL Lozenges Extra Strong Allens ANTICOL Lozenges Extra Strong

10 Lozenges. Vapour Action. Clears the Nose, Soothes the Throat. Symptomatic relief for sore throats.

AUD 3.55 - More...