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Secure Connection Eucalyptus Drops

with Honey (Size 60g) — Out of Stock, notify me. US $3.57

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Eucalyptus Drops Reviews

Tara from College Station, Texas on August 24, 2003:
You got the gummy pineapple lollies!!I am getting ready to order a ton of them, and the strawberries 'n creams, and musk sticks,and Caramello Koalas.My dad brings those to me every time he visits, but that's only once every 2 yrs. You are all lifesavers!!!I may not be able to go back home to Sydney any time soon, but this is definitely the next best thing.
Annette from Kansas City on August 07, 2003:
Thanks so much! I found your site through the Aussie Pie Company. So along with steak pies, we
have been lucky to get from you: Vegemite, passionfruit, milk bottles, milky bar, chili and ginger sauce, mint sauce, roses chocolates - ohh la la. Absolutely adore your website.

We will definitely be a regular customer! You can count on that!

Thanks for your excellent service - a taste of home for sure.


Sara from California on May 14, 2003:
It's so great that you have this site, any pies, or sausage rolls???!!.. pleeeaassee.. also for any Australia, British, Jamaican, or ex-netball players out there, we have a great netball club (actually 3) in California, and are just waiting for some new expats, to come and join that team.. go to we have heaps of fun, and would really enjoy to see some more people out there. come join the fun, and meet some new people from where you are.
gala west from upstate ny on December 30, 2002:
i am saved ,i have been dreaming about lollies for so long and every time i go home i buy a bunch and they never make the journey ,we have to eat them all.
i am truly extatic about this and all the other things on your site.
could you add blackcurrant fruit pastels and jaffel irons to your site?
Jaffas Wife from Heartland, USA on December 19, 2002:
My husband is from Brisbane and hates going to the movies here in America because we don't sell Jaffas....Now the movies will be alot more enjoyable for him since we can get them from you online....Thanks for saving our movies, it will seem alot more like home now!!!!