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Chips and Snacks

If you're missing your favorite Australian snacks, look no further because Simply Oz carries all the popular Australian snacks you love.

Smith's Potato Crisps, chicken and cheese flavored Twisties, Cheezels, Burger Rings and much more! Liven up your next party with the savory taste of the great Australian Outback.

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4 products in this category.
Twisties Twisties

Chicken and Cheese Twisties

US $8.97 - More...
Smiths Potato Crisps | Chips Smiths Potato Crisps | Chips

Smith Potato Crisps (Chips), great tasting chips from Australia.

US $9.57 - CHICKEN (LARGE Size 170g)
US $9.57 3.97 (Sale - Best by March 4th) - SALT & VINEGAR (LARGE Size 170g)
- More...
Cheezels Cheezels

Cheezels, Original Cheese Flavour

US $10.97 - More...
Burger Rings Burger Rings

Burger Rings

US $8.97 - More...